Get Ready for Fall with These Organizing Tips

Fall can be a busy time of the year for the family as the kids head back to school. However, it can be a great time to tackle those unorganized areas in your home if you are at a stay-at-home mom. Even if you work and the kids go back to school, there are some quick organizing systems you can do to keep yourself sane!

To keep your home neat and organized as you prepare for one of the second busiest seasons of the year, check out these organizing tips for the fall!

Simple Organizing Solutions

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  • Establish a routine that fits your daily schedule. Plan out ways to maximize your time and accomplish your tasks efficiently.
  • Put systems into place. This will help minimize the time and effort usually spent to clearing clutter and running around the house to find misplaced objects
  • Keep the family on the same page. Have a family meeting once a week to go over the schedule of what is happening. It will help keep everyone synced up.
  • Keep a family calendar. Place a family calendar in a common area, such as the kitchen, to keep track of everyone’s important dates and appointments.

Back-to-School Home Organizing

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You will need to get yourself organized now as the children are back into school. Here are some of the best organizing tips to help get you and your family organized for school:

  • Set up an entryway or mud room. place your children’s backpacks here as this can help minimize school stress, especially in the morning.
  • Create a study area for the kids. Make it in a communal room or in their bedrooms to keep books, homework, and stationery items all in one place.
  • Start tomorrow on the right foot. Organize the backpacks, make lunches, and update the family calendar in the evening before.
  • Minimize the morning routine. Pick out the outfits the day before. Check out these 6 No-Fail Tips to Get Your Kids Out the Door Faster.
  • Read 8 Smart Tips for Back to School for more tips on being back in school!

Indoor Organizing

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Get yourself organized at home with these organizing tips.

  • Storing Accessories. For accessories such as jackets, umbrellas, backpacks, and purses you need to store them in a place that is out of the way. You can do this by installing double ceiling hooks underneath a shelf.
  • Control the Clutter. Lockers or cubbies at home can help control the clutter. Store items like your child’s shoes, sports equipment and more in there.
  • Mudroom Organization. If you have a designated mudroom in your home, then take advantage of it. Give everyone a separate space for their gear, such as sports equipment, bags, and shoes. Each member of the house can have a storage bin for their things. You can slide the bins underneath bench or have it at the front hall. If you have a family pet, make one for them too!
  • Control the Remote. Sometimes it can take too long to find the remote control. Often their hiding place is between cushions or under the sofa. Keep them in a more convenient place by putting them on a wide mouthed vase or a good-looking container on your side table. This will have them all in one place.
  • Basket of Slippers. The cooler weather is here. Fill a basket with comfortable slippers or soft, heavy socks.

Outdoor Organizing

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Be sure to concentrate on some organizing in the outdoor living area and exterior of your home. It’s a great time to get your house winter ready before the colder days roll in too.

  • Patio Furniture. Pack up and store your patio furniture. Keep your cushions in a closed storage unit. Cover the furniture frames to ensure the next summer you won’t need to shop for new pieces or a set.
  • Deck. Get a deck repair. If it needs to be weather-proofed, add a new coat of paint to guard against harsh winter weather.
  • Get your Home Exterior Ready. When winter rolls around you want to be prepared. Take a weekend to attend to your home repairs by cleaning the eaves and caulk around the home’s windows and doors.
  • Clean the Garage. Organizing the garage can be a hassle, but it’s a great place to store a lot of items during the fall and winter seasons. It’s also a great place to store your car if you live in an area that often has snow. Check out these 7 Steps to Make Spring Cleaning Your Garage a Breeze even if it’s just for spring cleaning too!

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