8 Smart Tips for Back to School

smart tips back school

Trying to get back into the school year can be tough, especially after summer and the long months of being away from school during the pandemic this year.

Whether or not you are a seasoned pro to back to school groove or back to school rookie, we all could use a refresher before the back to school year starts.

Here are 8 smart tips for back to school!

Set a System in Place

Getting your kids to sit down and do their homework as soon as they come home from school is never easy. After all the summer fun they have had it won’t be easy.

One way to ease them back into an after-school schedule is setting a system in place. Create an after-school system that you know will get them working. Reward your kids with things they enjoy after all their hard work, such as screen-time or a tasty treat such as an ice cream sundae!

Break Them In

Did you get some new shoes for the big first day of school? Make sure you break them in.

Breaking in shoes before you wear them is more simple than just wearing them a few times. Put bags of water in the toes of your kid’s shoes and stick them in the freezer for several hours. This method will help you stretch out the shoes enough to keep your child’s feet comfortable in their new shoes.

Learn more about how to break your shoes in at WikiHow.

Make a Homework Station

Make a homework station where your kids can spend time doing their homework. It’s a great place to help them focus. Make sure they have all the necessary items that they will need, such as pencils, paper, colored markers, etc. 

If you don’t have space to make a homework station, then have your kids decorate a shower caddy. You can store everything they need to do their homework inside. Then you can pull it out when it is time to focus on their homework.

Try This Candy Reading Hack

Are your kids having a hard time doing their reading?

Set gummy bears on different paragraphs in their book, have them read aloud, and let them eat the candy once they finish the paragraph where the gummy bears are placed.

You can substitute the gummy bears for your children’s favorite candy or snack too!

Get a Haircut Before the Big Day

A haircut before going back to school is a great way to make your child feel good. Schedule a haircut appointment before the big day back to school. A haircut will get rid of the untangle matted mane in the morning so it is easy to throw into a ponytail or brush at the crack of down.

Make a Back-Up Plan

As parents, we know that not every day will go as planned. It’s a good idea to make a back-up plan with a few other parents. Exchange phone numbers with a few other parents at your kid’s school that can pick up your kids just in case. You may never know if you will be running late or if they might need your help too!

This is another great way to meet other parents at your child’s school too and make friends yourself.

Make Something Special

School can be a scary time, especially if there is a new transition happening in your child’s life. 

Send your child off with something that feels like home to help them through their new transition. For instance, you can deck out their lunch box with puffy paint, cover their binders with glitter, or make some cute sandwich baggies.

I love sending my kids with some lunch notes I put in their lunchbox. Every day I write a special message to them, including messages that tell them I am thinking about them or words of encouragement.

Throw a Back to School Party

Make the back to school year a celebration with a little party that will get your children and their friends ready for the new year!

Get their favorite snacks together and play some fun games. This one of the best ways to help them shake off their jitters for the back to school year after being away from school for so long.

What are some of your back to school tips? Share them below in the comments. I’d love to hear about them.

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