Date Night Ideas on a Budget

When I first got married and started a family, many of my married and mom friends were saying that they don’t go on dates anymore. I couldn’t help but wonder why and was shocked to hear when they said date nights became too expensive. Date nights just didn’t fit into their budget anymore. Some of them even said they just didn’t have time anymore because they had kids now.

I can’t help but ask when was the last time you and your spouse went on a date, just the two of you?

It’s easy to put our marriages on the back burner when we become busy. These days everyone is busy. Between work, family, and social commitments, there seems to be hardly enough time to squeeze it all in. Along with thinking that you have to fork out a ton of money every time you go on a date.

But the truth is dating while you are married is so important and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Dating while you are married gives you that needed alone time with your spouse. Date nights give you the opportunity to communicate, strengthen, or rekindle that spark, and help relieve any stress. With so many great benefits to continuing to date, you shouldn’t have to worry about it breaking your budget when there are so many different date night ideas you can still do while still being within your financial budgets.

Here are some great Date Night Ideas on a Budget!

You Don’t Need to Spend Money

The first thing you need to remember is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to go on fun dates. You can still do a lot of things without money. My husband and I like to go and explore. We like to go to new places and just go on a walk together. You get to be with each other and have a great conversation.

No-cost dates are great and save you money. You can go on walks just about anywhere. We love to do this when the weather is warm. Some other no-cost dates are going to the beach, bike rides, library, museums (check out if they have any free days on their calendar), and local free events in your area.

Do-It-Yourself Dates

One of the big expenses, when you go on dates, is eating out. Instead, you can make your own meal at home. Go a step further and pack a picnic and go out to a local beach or park for a fun date idea. What’s great about this idea too is you can decide what you want to eat. Maybe there is a new recipe you are both wanting to try or just want something simple that day for your date together.

Coupon Dates

This is one of my favorite things to do. I go online and search for any coupon deals. One of my favorite websites I use to find great deals is Groupon. You can also find coupons in your local newspaper. Additionally, you can sign up for your favorite restaurants and get current deals sent to you directly in the mail or your email inbox.

Sometimes restaurants will have deals where if you buy their gift card, they will give you an additional gift card for free. Yesterday I was at Panera and saw they were advertising if you buy a $50 gift card you get a $10 gift card for free. Right there that is a 20% savings on my meal when I go to Panera.

Cheap Dates

Here are some date ideas you can go on without spending a lot of money.

Dates at Home

If childcare is a challenge for you then you can always have a date at home. You can put the kids to bed early if your kids are still little. You can have a candlelight dinner, watch a movie, read a book together, or play games. No matter what you do the ultimate goal is to spend time with each other. Do something you both will enjoy in each other’s company.

Can’t Afford a Babysitter

Babysitters can be expensive, especially with the more kids you have. My husband and I were on a tight budget at one point and we had the perfect set up to make sure we could still go on dates. Another family had kids of their own and we decided to trade off babysitting each other’s kids so we could go on our own dates with our spouses. We also decided to start going on double dates with them and splitting the cost of a babysitter. These double dates were so fun to do. As well, you can always ask family and other friends to help you out.

I think it’s so important to continue dating when you are still married. It really helped my marriage and raising a family with five kids. The craziness and busyness made things less stressful and helped our marriage thrive. I hope these date nights on a budget will help you moms out there that might be struggling to find ways to go on dates while trying to stay within your budget. I encourage you to make sure you plan these date nights. If it’s once a month then that’s great. Being consistent and going on these date nights will encourage and make your relationship stronger with each other.

What are some of your favorite budget date nights?

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