17 Cheap Dates for Couples

Date night does not have to be expensive in order to be fun. There are plenty of ways you can enjoy your time together with your significant other that won’t cost you a fortune. Cheap dates can also be a fun way to perk up your date night and reconnect with one another.

Check out these 17 cheap dates for couples that are spontaneous and still keep you within your budget.

  1. Grab your camera and go to a town. Act like tourist and get many people as you can to take your picture kissing or together.
  2. Borrow or buy a cheap kiddie pool when the weather is warm. Fill the pool with bubble bath, light candles, and put on some romantic music. Have your ever own spa night in the backyard!
  3. Take a stroll down memory lane. Talk about the moment you knew you wanted to be together, silly date bloopers, the best date, and more!
  4. Make your favorite hot beverage, snuggle up to each other and read a book together out loud.
  5. Bake and decorate a dessert together.
  6. Get a lunch to go and take it to the park for a picnic date.
  7. Volunteer together at a soup kitchen or shelter.
  8. Swap hobbies. Do something your spouse loves doing.
  9. Have a game night.
  10. Have your own camp out by setting up a tent in your backyard.
  11. Take a fun class together, such as art or cooking.
  12. Go on a hike if the weather is nice.
  13. Visit a farmer’s market.
  14. Tie-dye matching t-shirts.
  15. Visit the dollar store and buy the most meaningful and romantic gift you can find. Then give it to each other.
  16. Go on a walk. Each time you come to a corner, flip a coin to see which way you go. Heads is right, tails is left!
  17. Get the popcorn or your favorite snacks and watch a movie together!
What are some fun, cheap date you go on with your loved one? Share below in the comments with us!

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