Free Cheap and Fun Ideas During a Quarantine Summer

Summer is just around the corner. I am definitely getting very excited for the warmer weather and getting out of the house. After being cooped up for the last couple of months in our home, we are finally able to start leaving our home. Slowly our state is allowing our stores and restaurants to start opening up. I’m hoping the process with be smooth as we start to return to a more normal lifestyle.

This summer is different. Many places around our country are experiencing different phases of quarantine. It definitely will be a summer to remember, but we can still make it a fun one even if we need to still remain mostly in our homes.

Kick-off your summer with some of my FREE cheap and FUN ideas that can easily be done during our quarantined summer!

Free Summer Planning Bash

I put together some great ideas you’ll love. You can end the summer craziness with some of my free printables:

  • Fun Boredom Buster 
  • Summer Meal Planning 
  • Organize the Mom Life Hacks
  • Plan, Prepare and Play all Summer long

Join my FREE SUMMER Planning Bash!

100 Days of Summer Fun

No more “I’m Bored” days with our daily posts of ideas on our Facebook page 100 Days of Summer Fun. 

Join our summer fun at 100 Days of Summer Fun!

Scavenger Hunts 

Create simple scavenger hunts for your kids with these FREE Printables. I have both an indoor scavenger hunt and a fun photo scavenger hunt. The kids will love them.

Download the Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Download the Photo Scavenger Hunt

Virtual Camps

Many camps are closing this summer. This is a huge bummer for our kids that look forward to going to summer camp every year. Thankfully there are some great summer camps you can find only. Summer camps are not canceled with these fun virtual camps!

Virtual Field Trips

Field trips aren’t just for school days now you can take virtual field trips all summer long. Kids can experience or create their own virtual reality experiences, such as the Apollo 11 VR. There are also on the ground reporting journalism, such as listening about real-world stories, location-based history, and stories that will increase your kid’s cultural awareness. Kids can also visit museums and other fun things. Check out these virtual field trips!

Learn a Foreign Language Online

If your kid has an interest in learning a new language then take the time this summer to help them out. Use these easy apps and learn a new few words or whole language this summer.

Drive-In Movies

Movie theatres might be still closed this summer, but you can still catch a new show or old classic film with a drive-in movie. Grab those blankets and snacks and head to your local Drive-in movie. Check out your local drive-in movie theaters. 

Watch a Disneyland Parade from Home (google for more)

Disney fans can now enjoy a magical special virtual viewing of Disney’s all-new “Magic Happens” parade. Now you can enjoy Disneyland right within your home.

Write and Publish Your Own Kids Books is a free website with writing and illustration tools to help your kids create and publish their own books and comics!

Build a Blanket fort with IKEAS 6 Ideas

Do your kids love building forts? Try one of these fun forts with blankets with IKEA ideas!

Digital Escape Rooms

If you’re a fan of escape rooms you will love these virtual Escape rooms

Run a Virtual 5K

Are you missing the gym? Are you a runner but need some new trails to run. Don’t stop running – you can now join in on virtual 5K’s!

Free Reading Programs

Motivate your kids to read this summer by earning prizes from these companies in their FREE summer reading programs

Kids Bowl Free

Get 2 games free every day when you sign your kids up for Kids Bowl Free!

Factory Tours

Learn, discover and have fun as you tour factories across the US. Check out Factory Tour USA.

School Closure Survival for Moms

Not only does this group help you survive the School Closed announcement but all summer long new ideas and helps are posted. Join School Closure Survival for Moms group now!

Backyard Camping

Pitch those tents, get out the camping gear and enjoy camping in your backyard.  Just don’t forget the s’mores.

Outdoor Games

Dust off the outdoor games you have been storing in your garage or sheds.  Teach your kids to play some outdoor games like badminton, horseshoes, KanJam, Bocce ball, and other fun ones. 

Learn Classic Games

Teach some of these indoor and outdoor games you played growing up.

  •  Chess
  • Spoon
  • Crazy Eights
  • Kick the can
  • Teach your kids other games you played as a child 

Bike Rides

Go out on a bike ride with the entire family. It’s a great fun activity to get some exercise and have some family bonding time.

Learn a New Talent

Looking for something new to learn or always wanted to try something? Now is the time. Try juggling, riding a unicycle, yoyo tricks, and a zillion other ideas by watching YouTube videos. 

Start a Virtual Book Club with Friends

Start reading a book with your friends and meet together online to take about all of the plots and twists.

Grow a Garden

Have you always wanted to grow your own garden or some of your own plants? Do it this summer. Get the kids involved and teach them how to care for a garden.

DIY Spa Day

Create your own SPA day with DIY facials, pedicures, and manicures.

Virtual Cooking Classes

Let your kids choose a new recipe and learn to create it.  You can google for recipes for kids or search on YouTube. 

Paint Your Windows 

Give your little artist washable painting let them create masterpieces right on your windows.

Minute to Win it Games  

Google for all the fun 60-second challenges that use objects that are commonly available around the house. Break up into teams and play for points. Have a prize for the winning team. It could be as simple as the get choose the next family movie.

DIY Ice Cream Shop

Make your own homemade ice cream. Choose from different flavors or go with the basics. Don’t forget the sundae toppings. You can even make milkshakes and your own creations too!

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