Free Fun Virtual Summer Camps

Our summer is going to be a little different this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some of you have likely already have had your summer vacation plans canceled. The traditional camp your kids go to every summer might be canceled now too.

Sounds like it’s going to be a boring summer for our kids. So how do we keep them entertained?

Thankfully, we still have some options for our kids to enjoy a fun-filled summer during the pandemic. Several programs have been offered online to our kids to keep them busy and active while keeping safe during these times. These virtual summer camps are perfect for some summer fun for your kids.

Check out these fun free virtual camps!

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo is reaching out to families around the world by offering free online learning resources for your kids. Kids will have an opportunity to learn about the world. San Diego Zoo Kids has an online platform filled with activities, games, video content, and quizzes to keep your kids entertained over the summer. There are even some DIY activities.

United States Tennis Association (USTA) Virtual Camp

USTA is putting an entire program on its platform that includes fun activities and tennis-themed educational content to keep the kids active. The whole family can get involved. This will keep them both mentally and physically active!

PBS Kids

PBS Kids is providing articles, videos, and activities on tops your little kids will love. Some topics included are dinosaurs, space, art, and animals. There are talking points parents can use to share with their kids and even questions to help get the conversation going. You can search by your child’s age to help you narrow down what will be the right fit and fun for your kid!

Camp Wonderopolis

A free online summer-learning experience your kids will love. Camp Wonderopolis offers fun interactive STEM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) and literacy-building topics for your kids.

Varsity Tours

Varsity Tours offers weeklong interactive summer camps that will keep your kid’s mind active and learning. There are tones of options for your kids to choose from, such as learning a new language, solving brain teasers, practice their creative writing. You can simply find an activity for your child by grade level from kindergarten and up. Some other areas of focus and themes Varsity Tours offers is science, improv, creating slideshows, video editing, drawing, art, and more

Makers Summer Camp

Makers Camp focuses on hands-on learning for kids. Your children will get to build things based on their interests. The camp focuses on different areas, such as science, technology, and art. There will be daily activities for your child to enjoy, such as making slime.

Google Summer Camp

Summer Camp with Google is for curious teens that want to learn more. They have four interactive summer camps that include high-quality educational content. Google teams up with NASA, Khan Academy, National geographic, and NPS. The kids will explore the world, learn about different languages, arts and culture, and use their creative side.

Camp Kinda

Camp Kinda is a free virtual summer camp that is designed to keep your kids engaged for hours. Their content is aimed at children in grades K-8. Each day there are 3-4 hours of activities posted for kids. The activities are based around a theme each week.

K12 Inc. Summer Programs

Your older kids, 8th through 11th grade, can enjoy these free summer programs offered by K12 Inc. Summer Programs that explore different areas they might enjoy. Courses included in these summer programs are business and marketing, healthcare, information technology, video game design programming, and virtual reality.

Reading Rockets

Reading Rockets’ summer program “Start with a Book” is a fun online book club for kids ages 6 and up. There are tons of topics for your kids to choose from, including dinosaurs, time travel, sports, cooking, fairytales, music, and animals. The program helps your kids learn more about their favorite topics by providing a booklist, activities, and additional apps and websites your kids can explore to learn more.

The Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami

The Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami is offering a virtual experience of contemporary art that your kids might enjoy. Your kids will learn about mixed media, painting, drawing, and textile arts during their online workshops through Zoom. The virtual camp is available from June 8th to August 14th. If you live nearby, you can receive complimentary art supplies for pick up at the Museum once you have registered. A list of supplies is also available online if you are not nearby the Museum.

Happy Camper Live

Happy Camper Live offers a variety of free activities your kids can enjoy. From arts and crafts, sports, performing arts, and outdoor adventures your kids will have a fun-filled busy summer with these activities.

What virtual camps are your kids doing this summer?

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