Boredom Busters for Teens

Are your teens feeling stir-crazy right now during this quarantine? Maybe you are hearing “I’m bored!” more and more and it’s starting to make you go crazy.

Many of us right now are quarantined at told to stay at home. We have more time than ever right now. Our teenage kids are not in school and many of them are missing their friends. With so much more time, what can our teens do?

Now is a great time for us and even our teen kids to be intentional with their time. Let’s help our teens thrive during this time and discuss with them how we can be intentional with our own time and as a family during these stay at home lockdowns.

Here are some teen boredom busters to help you get started!

Play New Board or Card Game

Do you have board or card games in your home you never played, but always wanted to? Now is the time to do that! Get the family together and play a new game.

Get Coloring

Print off some fun coloring sheets. You can print off anything to color, from childhood favorites to adult-coloring images. It’s a great time to be creative and pass the time away.

Keep Fit

If your teen regularly participated in sports or went to the gym, try an online workout. There is yoga, weightlifting, etc. It’s great for both your teen’s mind and body health.

Learning a New Dance

A fun activity that will definitely bust your teens boredom is learning a new dance. Check out YouTube and TikTok for some great dance ideas. You might even want to try learning one of these new dances with your teen too!

Read or Listen to An Audible Book

Is there a book your teen has been wanting to read or might be interested in listening to? Now is a great time to do that.

Make a Dream & Vision Board

Sit with your teens and make a dream or vision board. What is it that your teens see as their life is in the next year, five years, or ten years? What are the things they want to do? What do they want to accomplish? How about their dreams as they become an adult and go off to college?

Creating a dream board is a fun way to see how many of those things your teen put on their dream and vision board are still the same or change.

Organize Their Space

Are there things in your teens room that needs to be organized? Perhaps they enjoy keeping an organized space. Help clean out their space and give them the idea to go through their things and decide if they should keep it or not. Now is a great time to get organized or to teach your teens to keep things you only need.

Research Colleges

With all the amount of time we have, now is a great time for teens to start looking for colleges. Research colleges they might like to attend or go visit soon. What is their dream college? What colleges offer the degree they would like to graduate with?

Practice for College Tests

Help your teens get ahead start on their college tests, such as the ACTS and SATS, by taking practice tests.

Take an Online Career Assessment

Does your teen know what career they would like to do? Get some ideas by taking a career assessment test. This can help your teen discover some possible career interests when they go off to college, go to a tech school, or any other possible career fields.

Learning to Bake or Cook

Does your teen know how to bake or cook? Maybe they love to bake or cook. It’s a great skill to teach our kids before they head off into their own adulthood. Try a new recipe or teach them some basic cooking skills.

Teach Them How to do Laundry

Another great skill to teach our kids is how to do laundry.

Practice Driving

If your teen doesn’t know how to drive yet now is a great time to help them learn. Take the time to practice driving while the roads and parking lots are less busy. Make sure they study for the driving test if they haven’t already taken it too!

Learn Something New

There are many online courses right now that are free. If there is something your teen has been wanting to learn or has an interest in, then help them find an online course they can do to help them get started.

Some things your child might be interested in learning:

  • A new language
  • A new instrument
  • Cooking
  • Crafting
  • Painting

Start a Journal

Your teen can start journaling about their goals. They might even write about their life experiences so far. An interesting journal topic could be their personal experience right now about the COVID-19 pandemic.

They can video record themselves, take pictures, or write about it in a notebook or on an online blog.

Check on Their Friends

Have your teen check on two of their friends each day.

Begin a Podcast or YouTube Channel

Is there something your teen has a passion for and wants to share their experience with others? Help them share it by starting a podcast or a YouTube Channel.

Create a Scrapbook

Create a scrapbook of their teen years or make a photo book online with all the pictures stores away on their computers and phone.

Make a Life-Time Bucket List

Get your teen to write down a life-time bucket list. What are the things they want to accomplish or do?

Plant a Garden

If the weather is nice, get out together in the backyard and plant a garden together. Grow your favorite vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

Create a Wish List for After Quarantine

Are there things your teen mentions they miss doing before quarantine? Have your teen make a wish list of all the things they would like to do after quarantine.

Finding a Job

Search for jobs your teen can get right now. Surprisingly, there are tons of jobs online your teens can do right now. I found some that 13 and 14 years old could do. Make sure you do some research to ensure these jobs are legit businesses and safe for your teens.

Play New Board or Card Games

Is there a game your teen has been talking about? Maybe you saw a new board or card game they’d love to play. Get the whole family together. Check out some of our family favorite games.

Ask your Teens

Don’t forget to ask your teens for some ideas too. You can also add your own to this list! Now is a great time we can help our teen kids be intentional with their time by learning something new and create remembers you can look back at during this time.  

What are some teen boredom busters ideas you have? Tell us in the comments below.

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