10 Home Office Hacks to Get You Organized and Productive

It might feel like we never have time for organization, but you might not really know how much time you are wasting based on how disorganized you are, especially if you have a office at home, work at home, or do both.

A neat and orderly office space actually clears our mind from stress in case you’re dealing with finding with computer repair service. We can be more productive and waste less time when everything is neatly organized and in their proper places.

Organizing your home office really doesn’t have to take a lot of time. It can be done in no time if you stick with it. Take a look at some of my favorite home office organization tips that will have you organized and increase your productivity!

1. Purge the Office

One of the best ways to get well-organized and declutter your life with unnecessary items is completing doing a purge overhaul. It might take you some time to do this, but you will feel so much better once you have decluttered, empty, shred, and get rid of anything you don’t need or want anymore!

Purging one area at a time can really help you get through cleaning up your office and reorganizing it all. if you haven’t used it in months or can’t think of when you’ll need it, then toss it out. The same goes for any furniture, equipment, or supplies. Don’t forget about any plants or decorations you have too—they are all fair game.

2. Rearrange Your Office

Sometimes rearranging the layout of your office can make you more organized and productive. If you need to get up every time to throw something away or replace a file, your desk and floor can easily turn into your storage for files and trash. Arrange your office space so that each of these things are easier to access.

3. Color Coding Your File System

Idea from HGTV

A well-organized filing system always uses a color code. You can organize your files with a system that uses 5 different color-coded categories.

  • Green – Financial
  • Red – Medical
  • Orange – Personal
  • Yellow – Insurance
  • Blue – House

Be sure to label each hanging folder as well!

4. Create a Mail Station

To control all the paper that comes into your home office it’s best to create a mail station. You can make folders for incoming and outgoing mail. As well, you can make folders for mail to file, bills to pay, and every family member.

5. Organize Those Cords and Wires

Idea from Pinterst

With a all of those monitors, computers, mice, laptops, phones and more, the number of wires in the front or back can quickly get out of hand and confusing. Since we want to reduce the clutter, it really helps hiding all the messy of wires.

If your desk doesn’t have a slot to hide them then one way you can get them organized is using binder clips to group them together and get them out of your sight. You can also use a binder clip to keep that one cord from falling behind your desk.

Are you also getting those cords confused to which item it goes to? Instead of feeling lost and wasting time by figuring it out, make DIY labels for important cords. Use different colored tape and write with a permanent marker which cord goes to what item.

6. Designate Different Work Zones

If your work sometimes switches between using the computer, writing, meeting with clients or coworkers then it might be worth designating different work zones to successful accomplish your tasks and be productive.

Create a work zone for your computer work and non-computer work. The computer zone should include the computer and any items you might need to use regularly during your computer work time. The non-computer work zone can be a clear area of the desk (or removing the computer from the desk if you can) in order to have surface space on your desk. Use this non-computer work zone for sorting papers, writing, and more.

7. Store Everything in Containers

Idea from Raising Lemons

One way to keep everything in order is to store your supplies into containers, drawers, baskets, and bins. Depending on the layout of your office there are a lot of options open to you. There are also so cute office items out there or great ideas online if you don’t want to spend a ton of money on containers. Storing any office supplies out of sight will help you feel less stressed and your office looking decluttered.

8. Organize Weekly

Taking time each week to organize your home office should take no time at all if you keep up on it. Give yourself at least 15 minutes per week to put away papers and tools. Clear your desk off of anything that isn’t being used and keep things stored in their designated spots.

9. Make Life Binders

Idea from A Bowl of Lemons

I am a big advocate for creating binders for all sorts of important things in my family’s life. You can easily organize important papers in binder for an easy grab and go. For instance, you can make a medical emergency binder, pet, house, manuals, etc.

Here are some binders I have of my own:

  • Auto – This binder has all our family’s car information, such as repairs, maintenance records, insurance papers, etc.
  • House – I store all my home-related information here. Anything that deals with maintenance, pest control, security system, and contact numbers for handymen.
  • Manuals – I used to always throw out manuals think I would never need them again only later to find out I did. I decided to make a manuals binder, so I knew exactly where to go in order to look something up. You can make categories in this binder, such as ap0lliances, garden, house, and electronics.
  • Medical – I organized all my family’s medical records in this binder or anything else that might be medical related, such as health insurance.
  • Pet – If you have a family pet like we do then you can make a pet binder that has all of their medical records, shot records, medications, etc.

10. Clean Up Digitally

As much as our visual world needs to be declutter and organized, so does our digital world. You can easily keep your online world organized by looking at our Declutter Your Digital World article.

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