Tips for Decluttering Your Digital World

A clean, uncluttered room that is organized breathes fresh air and energy into our home and life. In the same way, in our digital world, an uncluttered life online is also more enjoyable and productive experience. Trust me, don’t want to underestimate the value of a clean digital world.

To keep your digital clutter to a minimum, try using these 10 tips for decluttering your digital world.

Remove the mess from your desktop

The clutter of icons on your computer’s desktop can actually slow down your computer. Clean your desktop by deleting and organizing them into folders. Remove icons you don’t use will also help. It won’t delete the program but get rid of the shortcut of the program.

Archive the e-mails in your inbox

Get rid of any e-mails that you do not need. You can delete the e-mails you don’t need and archive the ones you want to keep. It’s also a good idea to unsubscribe from any mailing lists you do not want to be on.

Use a password manager

A lot of the time it a pain to remember the countless passwords you have. A password manager is helpful to create strong passwords for your online accounts and stores your passwords in an encrypted database. A good password manager is LastPass, but there are many other options that can be downloaded for free.

Organize your smartphone

Organize your phone’s apps by how much you use them. keep the ones you use most on your home screen. Group the ones you hardly use in a category on other screens. Some smart phones will create folder titles specifically for what apps you put into them.

Remove any apps that might take up a lot of space on your phone. Sometimes photos can also take a lot too. Remove these and store them with the rest of your photos.

Delete any files off your computer you don’t need

Remove any unnecessary files you don’t need anymore will make your computer run faster and make more space available. Discard the documents, folders, photos, videos, and more. Make sure you empty the recycling bin when you are done.

Delete bookmarks

Delete any bookmarks that are no longer needed. Simply Right-Click > Delete. For the remaining bookmarks, organize them into folders for a quicker navigation.

Use the cloud

Take advantage of cloud storage is a great way to declutter and organize your digital world. There are extensions for both Google Chrome and Firefox that allow you to upload files directly to a Dropbox rather than downloading them to your computer. Here is the cloud extension for Google Chrome and Firefox.

Clean out your social media


Facebook has a page that will show you friends that you don’t interact much with. You can make a list and choose to add them to Acquaintance list. You will then see less on Newsfeed or you can just unfriend those you don’t interact with altogether. It’s also a good idea to unfollow certain types of Facebook posts and pages too.  Hover over your friend’s name in the newsfeed and click the “Friends” box. Click “Settings” and there you can unsubscribe from photos, games, life events, and more!


Alphabetize your Pinterest boards to make things easier to find. Also use key description words in your pins.


Use ManageFlitter to help organize people you follow on Twitter. You can decide who to unfollow. The app sorts people who don’t follow you back, who has been inactive for a period of time, and who might be spam.

Complete your chores

Don’t let all of that hard work organizing your digital world go to waste. Treat your digital world like a chore. Follow these tips and clean them out during your week!

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