12 Giveaways Ending Saturday at Midnight

Kabook! Personalized Children’s Book

WIN: 24/7 Moms and Kabook! are giving away a Kabook! Personalized Children’s Book. Click here to enter.

 GrowUpSmart Game Bundle

WIN: 24/7 Moms and GrowUpSmart are giving away a GrowUpSmart Game Bundle: Go board game, Tic-Tac-Toe, Chinese Checkers, Peg Solitaire. Total value is $57.95. Click here to enter.

Hoohobbers Table and Chair Set

WIN: 24/7 Moms and Hoohobbers are giving away a Hoohobbers Table and Chair set, including two Junior Director Chairs (with personalization) and one Gofer Table.  Retail Value, over $175.00. Click here to enter.

FUSION Gaming Headset by PowerA

WIN: 24/7 Moms and PowerA are giving away a FUSION Gaming Headset by PowerA. Click here to enter.

3Doodler Start Make Your Own HEXBUG Pen Set

WIN: 24/7 Moms and 3Doodler are giving away a 3Doodler Start Make Your Own HEXBUG Pen Set. Click here to enter.

College Student First Aid Kit

WIN: 24/7 Moms and College Student First Aid Kit are giving away a College Student First Aid Kit- Premium Plus. Value is $89.95. Click here to enter.

Mammojo Signature Breastfeeding Hoodie & Matching Infant Twinning Hoodie

WIN: 24/7 Moms and Mammojo are giving away a Signature breastfeeding hoodie (in your preferred color) from their award-winning Lactivewear range, to make winter nursing a breeze! PLUS an adorable infant twinning hoodie for your little bundle! Click here to enter.

Swannies Kids

WIN: 24/7 Moms and Swanwick are giving away 1 pair of Swannies. Winner can pick 1 Adult size (good for teens too- our most popular size), 1 Small size (good for older kids or teens/adults with small faces) or 1 Kids size (meant for 8yrs and below). Click here to enter.

bamboobies Breastfeeding Starter Kit

WIN: 24/7 Moms and bamboobies are giving away a bamboobies Breastfeeding Starter Kit. Click here to enter.

StickerYou Custom Stickers

WIN: 24/7 Moms and StickerYou are giving away a $60.00 Promo Credit for StickerYou. Click here to enter.

Lolleez Prize Package

WIN: 24/7 Moms and Lolleez are giving away a Lolleez Prize Package. Click here to enter.

Piccoli Horse

WIN: 24/7 Moms and Piccoli Horses are giving away a Piccoli Horse, winner picks color of horse and saddle! Click here to enter.

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