Chef Knives That Can Ease Up Your Cooking

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Many moms know how chef knives look and how useful they can be. They may have a clue about blade sizes and might even tell the differences between Japanese and French types. Using the best chef knives can be so helpful in the kitchen and even speed & ease up the cooking process.

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Quality Blades

Chef knives are easy to recognize. If your eyes were closed and someone would put the handle in your hands, then you’d know you’re holding a chef knife. Why is it so? These products are made of high-quality materials because they must be both resistant during cutting and durable while waiting to be used.

Let’s get one thing straight. We’re discussing easy-to-use knives which ensure a smooth cutting process. The knife should slip through the veggie, fruit, fish or meal you cut without implying any effort. According to Best10Anything, some of the easiest to use cutting products is the Allezola professional 7.5-inch chef’s knife. It’s also an option which includes everything you might need, in terms of quality. The knife has carbon makeup, ultra-sharp blade and lifetime no-question-asked guarantee. The best chef knives should have carbon or stainless-steel blades and are either forged or stamped.

Balanced Handle

Handles are essential to ensure safe usage of knives. The handle should be sturdy enough to ensure firm holding while you cut. You should not intentionally press the tool against the food you slice, dice or mince. Also, you should feel in full control of the knife. The bolster also matters, as it’s the part when the handle meets the blade.

You can test out a knife’s balance by noticing your hand positions. Using your thumb and finger, move the knife forward and backward while slicing a tomato. A quality knife should leave you with a straight slice. ZELITE INFINITY AUS10 Super Steel products come with riveted, rounded handles for increased strength and durability.

Usage Versatility

It might seem idealistic, but you can use the best chef knives for all types of cutting, slicing, dicing and mincing. You can chop and adjust your ingredients to just about any recipe. They can be used even for root vegetables or delicate fruit such as peaches.  

One such product is the DALSTRONG chef knife, which ensures surgical precision for cooking. This product is particularly recommended by chefs around the world thanks to its 55mm blade and extremely sharp edge. The blade is formed of 67 layers which prevent ingredients sticking to the blade.

Japanese or German?

The best chef knives are split in a few categories – Western (German and French) and Oriental (Japanese or Santoku knife).

  • German knives have continuous curves along the cutting edge.
  • French style products are straighter and slightly curved up to the tip.
  • Japanese gyuto products are famous for having many layers which ensure slipping during cooking.
  • Santoku models are lighter, sharper and their blades have different shapes.
  • Chinese tools resemble cleavers in design and usage.

What about the Edge?

The best chef knives can be used for everything, as we’ve said before. They help you throughout cooking to develop impressive plating concepts and have more time to spend with your children. Yet, such kitchen tools also have hidden aces. You can also use the unsharp side of the knife for:

  • Crashing coconut or cucumbers.
  • Scraping and milking cobs of corn.
  • Scaling fish.
  • Bruising lemongrass.
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Storage Guidelines

The best chef knives can be used for many years – if you wash, sharpen and store them with care. However, here’s you should know to make sure you benefit from your tools for longer time.

  • Washing: You should handwash chef knives to avoid any damage risk. Never put them in a dishwashing machine, nor dry them together with other knives.
  • Sharpening: Following the instructions is the best way to ensure accurate sharpening. Don’t turn to DIY methods, as easy as they might seem. They also come with risks regarding the blade.
  • Storage: This is also revealed in the instructions manual. However, you should store them in the dedicated box they come in. Chef knives are premium products which are developed for professional use. Therefore, the storage box is already supplied to you. No need for an additional purchase.

Using the Best Chef Knife

According to a study, around a third of millennials (born in 1977 – 1995) cannot tell the difference between kitchen knives. Around 83% of the baby boomers (born in 1946 – 1964). You may be among one of them or in between. However, the art of mastering kitchen tools is essential for the nutrition of your children.

Consider teaching them how to use a knife when they’re old enough to understand the information you send out. Educate them about the importance of nutrition, mix of ingredients and plating. Education in cooking is essential for your children’s health. However, if you’re not there yet, you can just enjoy the benefits of using quality cooking tools and developing impressive meals from scratch. The products we’ve shown above will ease up your cooking and save time you can spend with your family. Since cooking becomes so easy, you can even invite other moms over to compile some delicious meals together.

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