Term Time Job Options For Working Families

Trying to balance work and family is difficult, especially when the kids are a bit younger, but sometimes you need to get back to work if your financial situation demands it. Some families can get by with part-time work if one parent is already working full-time but you might need both of you bringing in a full-time wage to get by. It’s not too much of an issue during term time but during school holidays you’re going to struggle if you’re both working full-time. The best way around it is to find a job that has the same holidays as your kids. These are some of your best options.

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School Jobs

Working in a school is your easiest option and there are plenty of different positions you could take on. Being a teacher isn’t the best option because you’ll be working late into the evenings and you’ll still have to do lesson plans etc. during the holidays so it doesn’t really solve your problem. However, other jobs in the school are perfect. Anything in the office or on reception is good and you won’t need any extra training to land a position as long as you’ve got a bit of experience. If you want to work more closely with the kids, a teaching assistant position is another good choice. You can usually do your training on the job so it doesn’t mean having to retrain.

If you feel as though you would like to retrain but going back into education full-time isn’t an option, you could consider doing an online degree in school counseling. Once you’re qualified you can apply for positions in schools as well as colleges or universities.

University Jobs

With that in mind, universities are another place to look into. Big institutions will have all sorts of positions available from general admin roles, counseling roles as we discussed before, or even something like working in the library. The benefit of working in a university is that they have longer holidays than schools, but bear in mind that there will still be students around so some jobs so not all positions give you the same holiday as your kids.

Freelance Work

Flexibility is key when you’re trying to fit work around your family life and there’s no better way to get that flexibility than working for yourself. There are more freelance opportunities than ever these days so it’s worth looking into. A great freelance job that’s come about in the last couple of years is the virtual assistant; companies that are looking to cut costs on office space will hire assistants that work from home. You’ll answer emails and phone calls all from the comfort of your own living room.

If you have a hobby that involves making crafts or something like that, have you thought about selling them online? You’d be surprised how many people have turned their passion into a full-time job that can sustain them.

The beauty of freelance work is that you set your own hours so if you ever need time off to look after the kids, you can take it. You can also work at home while you’re looking after them as well.

These are all great work options that you can easily fit around your family life.  

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