The Best Careers for a Part-Time Mom

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We all know that being a mom is one of the hardest jobs going (although my mom says she doesn’t know what the fuss is about as she found it really easy). Once your kids get old enough that you feel you could go back to work, it can be difficult finding a suitable job that can accommodate part-time work, which is a sensible option for mothers who aren’t ready to go back full-time or would rather split their time evenly between kids and work.


Most schools (particularly for younger children) have at least one pair of job share teachers. So one class is split between teachers where one will work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning and the other works the rest of the time, for example. This allows you to spend half the week at home with your kids and the other half at work. This enables you to have a break from your kids by allowing you to look after a room full of someone else’s kids. There is also the option to become a substitute teacher which allows you to work as needed, of course.


Most hospitals are understaffed and so it makes sense that a lot of them will be looking to hire the occasional part-time nurse. Obviously, you would have to have been a nurse before you had children, but due to its nature as shift work, you can do as much or as little as required, and fit it around your schedule. You could even use the rest of your time to get your MSN online and when you’re ready to become a fulltime nurse again, you’ll be able to take a higher positon, with a higher pay grade so that you can provide even more for you children and family.


Being a freelancer is the ultimate career for a mom who wants complete flexibility and be around for her children or family as needed. Becoming an online freelancer means you can work from home and take on as much or as little work as needed. It is a very competitive market, however, so you need to ensure that you’re good enough to get work. The most common freelancer jobs on the internet are web and app designer, writer, proof reader/editor, and digital marketing expert.

Masseuse or Hairdresser

I’ve used masseuse and hairdresser as example here for any job that you are your own boss and it could extend to plumber, electrician, or plasterer, which are historically more male orientated roles, but could very easily be undertaken by women. The first two examples I used can be done either at your own home – which might prove distracting for the client (especially if you’re a masseuse) as they will want to relax – or the jobs can be done at the client’s home, which, like being a freelancer, means you get to plan your own time and take on as many or as few jobs as you need.

When thinking about going back to work, you need to consider whether your job suits the part-time dynamic and will allow you enough freedom to adequately be there for your family.

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