A Brush With Angry Neighbours: Things To Consider Before Painting Your Exterior

coloured homes. Portobello Road in Notting Hill has a row of prettily painting houses with one pitch black one in the middle. Some people have gone as far as remodelling their entire home to live in a cave like the Flintstones. But there are a few things to consider before getting your paintbrushes out and phoning the home renovators.


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Will There Be Any Consequences?


You have to remember that altering your home doesn’t solely affect you. It also affects your neighbours. You might love a sunshine yellow exterior. But it doesn’t mean everyone will. If you are painting your home a garish colour, you might face a bit of backlash from the people in the surrounding houses. After all, they’re the ones who have to look at it everyday. Your house is a large object and will draw a lot of attention if it stands out. It could affect the price of your home. But it could also affect the price and worth of the surrounding houses. It is best to check with your local council before taking to the paint.


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Do You Want To Alter Your Home’s Exterior?


A baby pink home might seem like an adorable, spur of the moment idea. But will it seem as good in a couple of years’ time? Never paint your home’s exterior on impulse. Give it some good consideration. Repainting your home constantly is a huge task, so if you’re a bit fickle, take some time to mull this decision over. Are you happy for your home to permanently be this colour? If so, go ahead and contact the exterior home painting services.


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Will You Be Able To Paint Your Home?


Painting the exterior of your home is hard work. It’s not as simple as getting a roller and pot of paint and taking to the walls. You will have to thoroughly clean the entire exterior of your home. You have to be careful to not get paint on the windows. Not to mention that you will have to be able to reach all parts of your home. If you have a two story or three story house, this could be extremely difficult. You will have to use specialist paint that can withstand the elements. We recommend seeking professional help before you think of painting the house yourself. Companies such as Tulsa Christian Bros Painting will almost certainly make a better job of it than you’ll be able to yourself. Professionals have years of experience and will know what will work and what won’t work in your home. They’ll also have the necessary tools and skills to ensure that every part of your home is covered and all parts are even.


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Are You Ready For The Commitment?


You will also have to top up the paint every few years to maintain the appearance of your home. Otherwise, the colour will fade, and certain areas will be left cracked and looking a little worse for wear.


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Your home is your haven. It should reflect you and your personality. You can see all sorts of homes with personalised exteriors around the world. Seaside towns have an array of pastel

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