Sleeping Soundly: Tips to Help the Kids Get a Good Night of Sleep


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It would be fair to say that most children don’t particularly look forward to bedtime. They might hate the thought of parting you or find it difficult to settle down. Or it might be the monster that they are convinced is living under their bed that makes sleeping soundly a little tricky!

It’s an age-old problem, and we are here to help. With a few top tips from first-hand experience, you can lull your child into the sleep of their dreams without any problems.

Put a ban on technology before bed

According to The Schlaf Guru, it’s a well-known fact that interacting with any bright screens near to bedtime sends the brain into a frenzy. As you try and relax, your brain continues to work overtime because of all the electrical signals pulsing through. Make sure your kids don’t go anywhere near their screens – that’s phones, iPads, computers and TVs for at least an hour before bed. They’ll find switching off much easier if so!

Buy blackout blinds

During the summer months, in particular, it stays light outside fairly late into the day. Come 8 pm or 9 pm, getting the kids to sleep while it still feels like daytime can be a tricky feat. Investing in a blackout curtain means they can sleep soundly without being interrupted by the sunlight pouring in.

Make sure they eat the right stuff

So you know the healthy eating basics, but do you know what children should eat to help them drift into the land of nod? Ensure your kids avoid anything that might make them hyperactive for a few hours before bedtime. So that’s sweets, caffeine and other sugar-laden treats. Also, avoid big meals before bedtime that they might not be able to digest properly.

Get them a special sleeping buddy

Nothing will help kids look forward to bedtime quite like a sleeping buddy. Let them choose a new cuddly toy from Build-A-Bear that they only get when they are going to bed. You’ll be surprised how much their soft friend relaxes them and encourages them to sleep.

Read a book with them

Reading a book with your child is perfect for avoiding technology before bed. Whether you read to your child, or they want to read to you, it’s guaranteed to help him relax. It’s best to read their favourite book instead of a brand new one. The familiar story will comfort them whereas a brand new plot might excite them just before bed!

Give your child tools to face their biggest night-time fears

Make up stories for objects and toys in their room to help them face their fear of monsters, spiders or ghosts. Perhaps their new night light emits spider-repellent soundwaves. Or maybe their new bin is a vortex for any nasty cupboard monsters. Once they know they are safe, they will sleep much more soundly.

Hopefully, bedtime will start to get a little bit easier with these tips. You can take the opportunity to indulge finally in some me-time. So run a hot bath, burn your favourite candle and feel more relaxed than ever before.

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