Pain Relief Without The Pills – Is It Really Possible?

The body and the mind can suffer terribly when you experience pain. Pain can stop you sleeping, eating, or even thinking clearly. It’s no wonder so many of us reach for tablets and pills to dull the aches and give us some relief. Of course, the kind of pills needed will always have side effects. And in some cases, they’re just not appropriate to use. Are there really any good ways to get pain relief without taking tablets?

If you’ve ever gone through labor, you’ll know that we are built to withstand extraordinary pain. We are taught special breathing techniques that can help us make it through those few minutes of agony. Fortunately, labor doesn’t last more than a few hours. But those breathing techniques can be used for chronic pain as well.

There are lots of different ways to cope with pain through breathing. Yoga practice explores many different types of breath and breathing. In Yoga, the breath is used mostly to energize or cleanse the body. But controlling your breath during Yoga practice offers you the skills you need to use breathing to get through flashes of pain too. Some people also use meditations to help ‘tune’ themselves in and out of pain. It’s thought you can focus the mind on ways to ignore the pain senses. After all, there are many martial artists who can smash planks of wood and bricks without feeling anything.

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If you’re keen to relieve yourself of chronic pain without the pills, you may want to explore the benefits of a TENS machine. Electro-stimulation is often recommended by medical professionals and physiotherapists as a way to reduce pain. The best tens unit for home use is available to buy online. You may want to try one or two out to see if they offer you the relief you need.

If you have pains in the muscles, it is often recommended that you keep using it rather than holding it still. Speak to your physio about the best exercises. For example, a whiplash injury renders the neck in a stiff position that is painful. Using a neck brace or collar will support the weight of your head, but it will impede any movement of the muscle groups. Very gentle movements are sometimes better than no movement at all. Use your fitness watch to keep track of how much you do. This can help you avoid overdoing your activity. Your doctor can advise you further.

Staying away from pharmaceuticals is always preferred. However, you may be interested in taking tablets that contain natural herbal or homeopathic ingredients. St. John’s Wort is widely used by those looking for relief from arthritis. However, like many herbal remedies, it may interact with other medications you are using. Valerian root is another popular remedy that may reduce the pain from muscle cramps. Each of these is often provided in tablet form, though.

It is possible to find pain relief without the pills. You may need to exercise some mind-over-matter remedies, or find physical exercises to help. You might even turn to natural remedies to provide the respite you need. Always follow your physician’s advice.

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