Top Tips To Keep The Bugs Out

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One thing is for sure the cold months will give way to milder days and before we know it we will be in bug heaven for another season. Bugs and insects make their way into our homes, in fact, some of them may well already be here already preparing for a bumper adventure. So why not make a plan today to reduce the ways they can get in and make themselves at home? At the same time, you can check for any possible signs of infestation and take appropriate control now. It also could be a good time to consider fitting screens and preparing ourselves to enjoy the milder days coming.

The list of bugs that you want to discourage range from wasps and flies to mosquitoes. But there are other pests such as cockroaches, and even moths than can make your day to day life a misery. Cockroaches, in particular, can cause allergic reactions. Mosquitoes are just plain irritating, but can also carry fever. And there are fleas of the pet variety not to mention our friend the bed bug. And if your summer was given over to lines of ants parading around your house, you can be sure that they will be back this season.

The best form of cure is prevention

That means looking for all the entrance holes and cracks that small insects and even rodents can get through. Some of these could almost be invisible so take a magnifying glass and have a close look around doors and windows. Inspect grilles and even places where pipe work comes into the property.

Doors, in particular, tend to have a lot of space around and underneath. Thresholds and draught excluders can go some way to blocking these up. Check around the edges and install weather-tight seals. Use a caulking gun to cover cracks where the door frame and masonry meet. Apply the same attention to detail to your windows. Apply a fine mesh to any exterior grilles and check that pipes entering the property do not have gaps around them. Price up insect screens for doors and windows this season.

Eliminate reasons to visit

Most bugs will move on if you don’t give them reason to stay. That means running a very efficient house that is clean and does not leave bins, especially food bins, unemptied or not washed out. Check your closets and cupboards. Get rid of piles of newspapers and make sure that all food is stored in airtight containers. This also applies to pet food. If cat or dog food is left out, it will be especially attractive to ants and cockroaches. You will need to make sure that this is cleaned away after your pet has been fed.

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Pet fleas and bedbugs

Both of these can bite and cause swelling and itching. Your cat or dog needs to be regularly treated with an effective anti flea treatment. The same applies to any place where they live and sleep. This must be done every few months.

If you see or suspect that you have bed bugs, then you need to act fast. Call a bed bug exterminator to be sure of a natural treatment that can rid your house of this invasive pest.

Outside influences

Keep your yard clear of debris such as leaves. Make sure that your foundations are clear and that you have bait traps set up in a secure place to take care of ants. If you have ever had the misfortune to be inundated with ants you’ll appreciate how adept and clever they are at finding a new food source. One minute they will be trailing through the pet food. When that is removed, they will have formed another line right through your kitchen pantry.

Poison in the only answer and it takes days and weeks for that poison to be transferred effectively back to the nest. Have patience and keep it up! Always ensure that pets or children cannot access these traps.

Mosquitoes need to have a body of stagnant water to lay their larvae. That may well be your pond, pool, bird bath or fountain. You can go a long way to cutting back on these. Get rid of any stagnant pools of water. Change the water in your bird bath and fountain on a weekly basis.

Natural deterrents

Moths detest cedar oil. Most insects dislike tea tree oil and, cedar or eucalyptus oil and citronella. These can be a great help in keeping your home bug free and rather sweet smelling.

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