3 Immune-Boosting Tips to Prevent Poor Health in Children

As parents, we often spend a lot of our time worrying about the health and well-being of our children. There seems to be a myriad of problems that can strike at a moment’s notice. Not only does that put you at a massive inconvenience, but it also can have serious consequences. The best way to ensure that unexpected problems don’t happen, of course, is through prevention. This isn’t always possible, though, so you’ll also need a plan for when things do go awry.

The most important thing is to understand all of the different problems that your child may come across. The first step is to buy a children’s health book, so you have something easily accessible to reference should you need to. When illness or injury strikes, sometimes the speed in which you deal with it can be imperative. Having that resource at just an arm’s length can save time and hurt.

Of course, children don’t often qualify for health insurance because of their age. While the rest of our family can rest safely in the knowledge that they’re covered, that doesn’t apply to your kids. This can leave you with a massive headache to worry about. You may not have known, though, that there are some programs in place to help families insure their children. You should check to see if your family qualifies, and then you can apply for things like Guardian Life dental insurance plans.

Now that we’ve defined a clear way to act should your greatest fears become a reality, let’s talk about prevention. We’ve all heard the saying that it is much better than cure. And it’s true. Why wait around for sickness or other health problems to develop when you can cut it out at the source? Your child’s immunity is what determines how often, or how severely, they get sick. As we know, children’s immune systems aren’t quite as sophisticated as adults. There are, however, ways to give their immunity a welcome boost. Check them out.

Breast is Best

Every single one of us have gone through this debate at some point in our lives. Of course, we know that breastfeeding is by far the best choice for your baby. Not everyone, though, is capable of providing enough milk for their newborn. It’s important that you don’t beat yourself up about this, nor feel guilty. Instead, look to get the help you need. You may have to supplement your breastfeeding with formula if you suspect your baby isn’t getting enough milk.

Assuming you don’t have any such troubles, though, breastfeeding is absolutely the way forward. Nature is a wonderful thing. Our breast milk is actually designed to give our newborns a massive boost to their immune system. Given that they’re new to the world, they’re more susceptible to picking up little bugs and illnesses. Breastfeeding makes sure that your little one is well equipped to deal with this brave new world.

Five A Day

We’ve all heard about the benefits of fruits and vegetables in the diets. They provide all of the essential vitamins and minerals our bodies need to maintain optimal health. We often try to incorporate different ways to introduce them into our child’s diets. Children, though, as we know, are notoriously fussy eaters. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, they just will not cooperate. You should look for ways to convince your child to eat their greens online. There are plenty of effective and creative ways to boost their diets with more fruit and vegetables.

Look for fruit and veg that is high in vitamin C. This is the primary vitamin that gives our immune systems a massive boost. Think about things like citrus, carrots, and beans. They all contain massive amounts of vitamin C and can help your child ward off infection much more easily. The Five A Day concept has long been criticized. Some people actually believe that a better solution is, at least, five different types of vegetables per day. Then, you can top that up with at least three portions of fruit for optimal health.

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Nap Time

A lot of us really underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. In fact, many of us actually see it as a necessary evil. When there just aren’t enough hours in the day, how can you justify wasting them away on sleep? However, you should try to understand the importance of sleep. Especially when it comes to your child’s development and health. Plenty of sleep is crucial for their cognitive function. And, given that a child’s brain is an absorbent sponge at this stage, they need all the sleep they can get.

While adults are recommended to get eight hours of sleep per night (no more, no less), a child’s requirements may vary. Indeed, newborns may need as much as eighteen hours of sleep every day. Eighteen hours! That’s the vast majority of the day. Toddlers and upwards can sleep for as many as ten to thirteen hours; it is believed. Of course, children are more prone to taking naps than adults, so they can make up the deficit this way.

All three of these methods are believed to make a substantial difference to your child’s immunity. However, there are even more things you can do to promote a healthy lifestyle in your family home. Not only that, but it can bring you all together as a family more! The first, which should be obvious, is to make sure that your child isn’t exposed to any second-hand smoke. Another great idea is to have a family-focused exercise regimen. That means you all enjoy the time together; having fun and getting fit.

One final way to cut down on pesky bacteria and viruses around the home is to cut out the spread of these nasty little things. Good personal hygiene is a great starting point. It should go without saying that you should wash your hands regularly, especially before handling food. Another trick is to place a freshly cut onion in each room. It may not smell great, but it is believed to attract, absorb, and kill any nasty bugs that find their way into your home.

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