The Essential Guide To Preparing Your House For Winter

The winter weather will soon be upon us, and so many of us will spend the time before then preparing for it. As you know, winter weather conditions can wreak havoc – even in city center locations.


Of course, for homeowners, it means that the risk of damage to their properties increases. And the cold spell can also drive up the risk of hypothermia. That’s because when electricity and gas supplies get cut, their homes start to get quite cold. As you can imagine, when it’s freezing outside, the interior of one’s home won’t be warm.


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The following are some tips that I’ve found useful over the years when preparing for winter:


Stock up on food with a long shelf life


The first thing you need to do is start bulk-buying food that you can store in your home for a long period. This usually means buying tinned products, and things such as pasta and uncooked beans.


If you do find yourself in the midst of a power cut, you can still make meals using food like that which won’t get spoilt.

Invest in an emergency power generator


When the power gets cut, how can you provide electricity to your home? One thing you can do is to use an emergency power generator. They run on diesel and are available in various sizes. If you’ve got the cash, consider getting a fixed backup generator installed.


Otherwise, a portable one will suffice when you need to use low-power electrical items.


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Check that your water and waste pipes are working


Before the winter freeze sets in, you need to make sure your home’s pipework won’t break. I usually do a quick visual inspection, including where the main water valve is located. If you’re not too familiar with your plumbing, have All-Tex Plumbing come out to check it for you.


Areas that are in need of attention include pipes with a green coating around joints. They are indicators of leaking pipework. You should also replace any brittle plastic pipes that are likely to break in the colder weather.

Have your roof inspected


It’s important that the roof of your home is in tip-top condition. The Pidgeon Roofing Company can come and inspect it for you, or you can use a trusted local service provider. You need to make sure that your roof keeps the heat in and the rain out of your home! If your roof is too badly damaged, you may need to replace it.


Keep your driveway clear of moss and debris


When it’s freezing outside, your driveway will no doubt resemble an ice rink! Regular maintenance of it can prevent the effects of winter from attacking it too much.


In a nutshell, you will need to remove any moss, algae and other debris from your driveway. The evening before an expected big freeze, go out and spread some rock salt. That way, you can also prevent snow from settling on your driveway too.
I hope you’ve found my guide useful today. Feel free to share it!

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