Kids Birthday Party Venues: What Are My Options?

Kid’s birthday parties can sometimes be a nightmare to plan. There is so much to think about to make it a great day for them that it can become quite stressful. Kids will always remember their childhood birthday parties, so it’s important to make it memorable. The biggest thing that will impact the success of their party is where it is held! So stop stressing, and try looking at these venues for your child’s next birthday party.

The Swimming Pool

Kids often love swimming so what better place to have their party than at a swimming pool! Pool parties will often cater for multiple age groups of kids. They will hold parties for younger kids in the smaller pool or shallow end, or getting the big inflatables out for older kids. It’s also a great option for if you have quite a few children attending, as it’s a big venue and they can’t go wandering off! Kids aren’t going to get bored at this venue.

In The Garden

Garden parties are an easy and low-cost way to have a birthday party. It’s a great option if your child’s birthday is in the summer. Invite the kids and their parents to your house and host the party there! This is really suitable for younger children as you can keep your eye on them a little bit more. Hire out a big bouncy castle and put on a buffet of snack food for a great garden birthday party. You could even host some games like musical statues or pass the parcel to keep them even more entertained.

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The Gym

The gym is a great venue for a sporty kid’s birthday party. Their are plenty of activities that a gym birthday party can offer, such as trampolining, obstacle courses and sports games. A party as high energy as this is guaranteed to get them excited and enjoying the day, as well as wearing them out a little! You can have gym parties again and again, but choose to do different activities so they aren’t all the same.

A Beauticians

If your party is a group of glamorous young ladies, then why not do something a little different like taking them to the beauticians? A lot of beauticians do party packs for kids, where they can get manicures, pedicures and mini facials. Guaranteed to make them all feel like little princesses!

Go-Karting Track

Go-karting is another venue that is really going to get the kids excited! Brilliant for an all boys party, this venue is guaranteed to be memorable for the kids. Despite being a little more expensive, you will definitely get your money’s worth. The kids can race around the track together while the professionals supervise them, so you don’t need to worry! There would be some great photo opportunities here too!

If you want to get your kid’s birthday party right, then the venue should rank high in your priorities! Try suggesting to your child these few options and see what they think!

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