7 Shamrock Shake Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

shamrock shake st patrick's

St. Patrick’s Day has always been a fun holiday for my family. My kids are always so excited for the food, especially the corn beef and cabbage meal I make for dinner on this holiday. We also cannot miss McDonald’s iconic Shamrock Shake that comes out every month. Their minty milkshakes are so tasty, and I even found out they are SO easy to make at home.

If you want to enjoy a copy-cat version of the Shamrock Shake from McDonald’s at home or any time of the year, you need to check out these 7 Shamrock Shake Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day! I’ve collected some different Shamrock Shake recipes that are dangerously sweet or a healthier version where you can still enjoy the iconic milkshake during St. Patrick’s celebration!

Shamrock Shake Recipe from Dinner at the Zoo
Shamrock Shake Recipe from Dinner at the Zoo

If you enjoy the McDonald’s shamrock shake, then you’ll love this copy cat recipe.

Healthy Shamrock Shake from Running to the Kitchen

A copycat but with a healthy spin on it that you can feel better about drinking.

Oreo Shamrock Shakes from The Food Charlatan

Adding Oreos makes these shake even more delicious!

Skinny(Er) Shamrock Shake from Skinny Taste

You can still enjoy a St. Patrick’s treat. This recipe is made with avocado and skim milk, saving a ton of calories but you still get a delicious taste.

Healthy Shamrock Shake Mint Smoothie
Healthy Shamrock Shake Mint Smoothie from Cupcakes & Kale Chips

Start your morning off with this shamrock shake smoothie. It’s filled with bananas, Greek yogurt, kale, and coconut.

Naturally Green Shamrock Shake
Naturally Green Shamrock Shake from Amanda’s Cooking

Creamy, minty and all made with no food coloring or added sugar.

Homemade Shamrock Shake with Rainbow

I love adding a little rainbow on top of whip cream with this recipe.

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