Time Blocking Your Day

I love finding ways to simplify my life, whether it’s the latest organization trick or a new quick and easy family dinner meal. I am always looking for ways to make my mom journey simpler. And I love sharing my latest ways to help simplify your mom journey too!

You might have heard that multitasking is impossible to do. But let me give you a hint, it’s only partially true!

We moms find all different ways to do our day-to-day tasks at the same time while we accomplish something else. While making dinner I would help the kids with their homework. When I needed to pay bills, I put my kids in the shower and let them play while I paid the bills.

However, when it comes to true things in our worlds that need our entire focus it is impossible to multitask. When it comes to important things like this, I use the time blocking system. I create space for focus time and organize.

Today I want to share with you how to time block your day and bring the chaos under control in your life. No matter what season of motherhood you are in, time blocking can work for you!

Why Time Blocking?

I know how quickly our mom days can fly by. They quickly can be filled with distractions. You begin to start your day but then you forget to pull out the meat for dinner that night. Then you remember you need to make appointments for the kids to get their teeth clean, but then your child interrupts you with something they need. One after the other it keeps piling on, and then you realize you were doing a million other things and you haven’t even gotten to your to-do list for the day.

Mom life is certainly a whirlwind of to-do and chaos all mixed up!

The goal behind time blocking is being more intentional about what we spend our time on throughout the day. It helps you avoid those distractions, but when they do come our way you can easily get back on track. Time blocking helps you accomplish your to-do list, whether it’s your weekly or daily one. When Friday comes and you look back at your week, you will be amazed about how much you have accomplished!

Time blocking will help you accomplish your goals, check off the things on your to-do list, and finding time for things that matter most.

What is Time Blocking?

Time blocking is scheduling your day in chunks of time. It allows you to a certain amount of time to focus on one or more tasks you need to accomplish.

You can choose how many time blocks a day you need to organize your world and how long each one needs to be. Some people time block their day by the hour or for a couple hours and group similar tasks together. For example, I have a morning time block that I like to do from 6:00 – 9:30 AM. During this time, I like to get ready, get the kids ready to go, prepare for dinner, and workout. Then from 9:30 – 12:30 AM I focus on working, such as writing, answering business emails, and creating content.

Your time blocks might not be the same every day. No day might be identical. If you have daily commitments, your kids activities, and more then your time blocking will look different most likely.

How Do You Start?

IT all depends on how detailed you want to get. You can detail your schedule out into smaller time blocks or larger chunks with a variety of things. You can always time block specific parts of your day where you know you will focus on your goals.

Here is how you can get started:

  1. Grab your calendar, your to-do list, and any other list that you use to schedule and organize your mom world. Make sure you get a pen too!
  2. Download the free printables I created to help you get started. I’ve made three printables for you that you can download by clicking on the links below!
    1. Weekly To-Do List
    2. Moms Daily Schedule
    3. Today’s Plan
  3. Watch the video below to help you get started and how to use these free printables to start time blocking.

Some Tips to Help You

Here are a few tips that have helped me with getting started with time blocking.

1. Use Your Phone

Set alarms on your phone to let you know it is time to move to the next time block. You can always set it a few minutes early to give you a heads up that your time block is ending.

2. Don’t Overfill Your Time Block

Make sure you don’t overfill your time block with more than you actually accomplish during that time block. You can easily become frustrated this way.

3. Adjust Time Blocks as Necessary

You can make adjustments to your time block if needed. For example, you might not need to run errands during the time block you made for errands. You can fill that time block with something else, perhaps another thing on your to-do list or connecting with a family member or friend.

4. Schedule in You-Time, Down-Time, and Fun-Time

Make sure you schedule in You-Time, Down-time, and Fun-Time! It’s easy to get ourselves overwhelmed with everything we need to do, but we moms also need those me-times. Taking time for yourself, whether its just downtime or fun-time can really help us get back on track and focus on our other time blocks of the day. You even are more motivated after taking some time for yourself!

5. If You Don’t Finish

If you are finding yourself running out of time during that time block and don’t finish everything, you can possibly move it over to the next time block. This is especially important if anything is time-sensitive and needs to be finished that day.

Remember the goal is to accomplish the most in your day at the same time to simplify your day so you feel like you have more time for you and your family. Time blocking needs to be fluid, which means you can adjust it and change it according to how your day or week might look like.

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