School Paperwork Storage and Organization

In just a few weeks these piles will begin to reappear in our homes – you remember  those things our children pulled out of their backpacks sometimes it was daily other times they arrived home in what they call weekly folders and created mounds in our homes.  Yes, I’m talking about school papers.  We all have great intentions of keeping control of them and taming the school paper piles but it seems to be an endless job that quickly gets out of control and with 13 years of schooling for each child that is a lot of paper piles to sort and keep track of.

How can we begin the school year off ready to control the piles before they begin?

My answer is the School File box:

I began a file box for each child and placed 13 hanging files inside of it to hold each years of school papers we choose to keep – report cards, art, reports they had written etc. I used file folders in each hanging file to divide and file things according to various categories based on what I saved that year. You can purchase simple card board file boxes for fancy decorative ones.

Once you have your file box ready to go you can easily purge the papers that arrive home of what you will and will not file away as keepsakes.

I recently came across this same idea being used over at iHeart Organizing and she created a coversheet for each section that you can personalize with that years school photo and other details.  Click here to get your free Cover sheet printables.

iHeart Organizing also created labels fro each grade to use on the file folders.  Click here to get File labels.

Time to get organized and head out to purchase a file box for each child, a box of Hanging files ( 13 for each child) and a  box of files and get ready to simplify your children’s school papers

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