15 Quick and Easy Ways to Declutter Your House

quick declutter your house

No matter how organized I am naturally, I am always finding that I am still cluttering up piles within my home. There is the mail piling up on the kitchen counter, books my family never reads anymore, office supplies everywhere, and so much more. Sometimes it always feels like none of the items get put away!

Thankfully, I’ve found some simple ways make even the messes of places in my feel less chaotic.

If you feel your home needs a major declutter but aren’t sure where to start, then I have some effortless ways to help you get started. You can easily maximize your space and the design of your home with these 15 Quick and Easy Ways to Declutter Your House!

Decluttering the Bathroom

1. Use the Back of Door

With small spaces, you need to use all the space you have available. The back of your bathrooms doors or cabinets are perfect for this. You can use slim caddies or magnets to get everything organized. Try a pegboard or narrow hooks with taller spaces.

2. Ditch Expired Products

When was the last time you ever checked if your product was past expiration? Most products that are expired are no longer good as the ingredients in them have become less effective. Toss out any products with expired dates or even products you just don’t like anymore.

3. Keep Towels Nearby

Not having enough space to store items can be a nightmare, but there are some clever ways to find space for the things you need. If you are short on space in your closets to store towels, use a wicker basket to store bath towels in. It’s both practical and stylish!

Decluttering the Kitchen

4. Add More Storage

Making the most of your cabinet space is important when it comes to the kitchen. You can easily add storage to get yourself organized by mounting a rack on the back of a cabinet or pantry door. Try using a roll out rack in lower cupboards or in small spaces.

5. Organize Your Spices

When was the last time you checked if your spices were good? A general rule to follow when it comes with spices is an estimate of staying fresh for four years. If you have had any spices longer than for years, then toss it out. Organize your spices in a spice rack by placing them alphabetically or categorize you personally use them by.

Try one of these Spice Rack Organizers!

6. Use Wall Space

I’ve always preferred storing my pots and pans in cabinets, but I quickly realized how much cabinet space is eaten up. Instead, I decided to put them on display and hang them with S-hooks for a pegboard or a pot rack.

quick declutter your house

Decluttering the Bedroom

7. Use Trays and Bowls to Contain Clutter

Bedrooms often tend to collect a lot of items that are small, such as watches and jewelry. You can streamline the clutter by storing your smaller items on trays and bowels throughout your bedroom.

8. Hide the Hamper

Place a decorative looking hamper basket underneath an open bedside table. You can use this to drop a spot for laundry or throw pillows.

9. Use Space Under the Bed

Tight on closet space can be hard in your bedroom. If the space below your bed has room, you can easily store clothes you aren’t currently wearing or other accessories in space-saving vacuum storage bags.

quick declutter your house

Decluttering Your Home Office

10. Too Many Books

If your bookshelves are full, consider leaving at least 10% of each shelf bare and book-free. You may want to grow your collection in the future so consider donating books to organizations you no longer find yourself reaching for and reading. Remember you can always get books on a reader now!

11. Detangle Those Cords

Between all the cords that get tangled together in your office, it can quickly become a maze. Secure your cords in a box to keep things tidy or install a shelf with cable ports. Try using washi tape to label cords to quickly figure what the cable cord goes to.

12. Hang a Shelf

A small and simple shelf over your desk can keep your workspace orderly. Working in a small space with an added shelf can also hold storage baskets and other décor items to make your office space even more attractive and stylish.

quick declutter your house

Decluttering the Living Room

13.Keep the Coffee Table Clear

Since coffee tables are the focal point of many living rooms, it’s tempting to cover them with all sorts of home décor items. However, this can give off the idea that the room is cluttered. Try to keep your coffee table 75% clear. Get a coffee table that has drawers or shelves below to store necessary items.

14. Not Too Many Pillows

Throw pillows can really add a nice piece to finish off your living room décor but going overboard on throw pillows can be bad. Stick to a trio in complementary colors and patterns. Always have at least one solid color pillow.

15. Get the Right Furniture

When it comes to creating a good flow of a clutterless home it comes down to your furniture and the pieces you choose. Always choose at least one round piece, such as a coffee table or an ottoman that can be used as space, a table, and able to hold drinks on.

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