10 Toy Storage Organization Hacks You Need

One of the biggest challenges of parenthood I never thought I would have to handle is my children’s stuff. I never knew that kids could have a lot of stuff sometimes. Especially their toys!

Sometimes my house would become a dumping ground for their toys. There was absolutely no space and getting them to clean up all their toys was another whole new thing. We all know if we aren’t getting our kids to clean up their toys we are on our own hands and knees late within the night trying to find every piece of the toys to put away.

Thankfully, there are some better ways then spending late into the night cleaning up. Often the toys our kids play with can be overlooked and be the largest clutter within our home. We need to tackle this clutter and get those toys organized!

Check out these 10 toy storage organization hacks you need.

1. Clean Out the Toys

Are there a lot of toys within your household? Ask yourself this then: Are all those toys being played with regularly? If the answer to that question is no then you need to start cleaning out the toys. As much as you might like some of the toys, if your child isn’t interested in them anymore then its time to say bye-bye. For the toys that you are going to get rid of consider checking them out to see if they are in somewhat good condition to be donated for a good cause.

2. Use IKEA Spice Racks

Idea from The Sweetest Digs

If you are looking for space to store those games, puzzles, or books then use IKEA spice racks. These are inexpensive and require little amount of work and effort to get together. It also looks neatly organized and tidy in your children’s room or the playroom for all their toys.

3. Use Smaller Bins

Using aluminum trailer storage box means more storage for toys. Thus, you will always only have a small amount of space for less toys to keep around. Smaller bins make it easier for the kids to find their toys than larger bins. So, the children won’t dump out the bins anymore to find the hidden toys.

4. Try a Hanging Shoe Organizer

Idea from A Girl and A Glue Gun

A hanging shoe organizer is perfect for small items or even if you have a little girl who loves her dolls. It can hang on the back of any door, leaving lots of room to store other things elsewhere. I love using this toy organization hack if you have limited room.

5. Set a Limit

With a lot of toys, it can become overwhelming for children on what to play with. They might spend a couple minutes with one toy and then another toy. Instead, keep only a few of each type of toys around in your home, such as a few puzzles and games.

6. Make Space Below

10 toy storage organization

Idea from Good Housekeeping

Small spaces underneath cabinets, sofa, or a bed lets you store smaller and flat items. You can store cars, puzzles, or other flat toys. You can find any sort of sliding trays such as a dish rack that is inexpensive.

7. Group Similar Toys Together

Grouping all of the similar toys together in one bin can really keep things organized. In different bins, group together play food one, animals in another bin, and so on.

8. Follow a Cubby System

10 toy storage organization

Idea from The Organization Company

One piece of furniture that can always improve a bedroom or playroom is a storage cubby. You can store all sorts of items in these, such as small toys like books and games or large toys on the top of the shelf. Kids can easily reach into everything and it makes clean up a breeze.

9. Label Plastic Bins

10 toy storage organization

Idea from Peony Professional Organizing

Labeling plastic bins can really help organize toys. You can use free printable labels online or use dry erase or paint markers on plastic clear bins. I like the idea of using dry erase markers considering you can reuse the bins when the bins are no longer being used for your children’s toys.

10. Use Bags to Keep Small Things Stored

Using bags to store small items to help keep all the pieces together. You can easily use plastic Ziploc bags for this. You now won’t have to worry about puzzle pieces missing or taking up more room being kept in bulky boxes.

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