The SIMPLE Appetizer I’m Obsessed With – FREE Charcuterie Board list

Is it the celebration or the Charcuterie board that my family is more excited about  ?
Last year I created my first Charcuterie board and  became a bit obsessed with them. Creating them for just about every party, gathering and  celebration  for the following months.   Thankfully the humans in my home are equally obsessed eating the assortment of foods I continue to arrange in some sort of artistic design.
I do not claim to be a fancy chef. I claim to roam the Costco isles searching out new quick meals those humans in my house  will happily eat.  So, when you get Oohhs and Aahhs over something you have created  you are pretty dang proud of it. RIGHT!
 I have been asked over and over again for a list of what could be included in a Charcuterie board. So I created the BIG list of ideas to help you create your own Charcuterie board that your family will beg you to create again and again.  Request below  and get your free list sent right to your inbox. 
I refer to the Charcuterie board as my kitchen clean out appetizer.  I mean seriously just start looking in your pantry and fridge you will find all kinds of things you can include on a Charcuterie board.  Maybe even more ideas then I even put on my list.
It’s easy to create after you decide and obtain all the items you will include on your board.   Find some sort of big  board, tray or plate (I even used a sled at Christmas time). Then begin making piles of each food item all over, placing them close together, use small dishes for dips and other small items. I love to finish it off with sprigs of rosemary.
Get ready for all the  Oohhs and Aahhs from your family, friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbors or whom ever you invite to partake in consuming your Charcuterie board.

Get my  FREE Big list of Charcuterie Board Ideas

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