15+ Fun Non-Candy Halloween Treats the Kids Will Love

With Halloween just around the corner, the candy fest is about to begin!

Trick-or-treating is a childhood tradition that I remember fondly. My children have always loved when Halloween came. Going from door to door getting their favorite candies was always a joy.

However, by the time Thanksgiving comes around there is always a HUGE amount of candy laying around. What do you do with the candy? Most of the time we ended up throwing it away or using it for our Christmas gingerbread houses.

After years of handing out our own candy, seeing how much my kids have accumulated over the years, and how much the Halloween goes on sale, I thought it would be fun to give something to the kids that isn’t packed full of sugar.

Giving kids non-candy Halloween treats is fun, a peace of mind for parents whose kids have allergies, and guaranteed to give the kids a lot of excitement still after Halloween. Check out these 15+ Fun Non-Candy Halloween Treats the Kids Will Love!

1. Glow Sticks

Glow Sticks from Amazon

Glow sticks are fun gift the kids will enjoy as the days get darker and trick-or-treaters are out late. It’s also a great safety tip so those driving around can see your little ones walking the street to the next house.

2. Snack Bags

Prepackaged individual serving snacks are a great treat for all ages. There are tons to choose from too. You can get pretzels, fruit snacks, and Goldfish.

3. Bubbles

Halloween Bubbles from Amazon

Pick up Haloween-themed party-sized bubbles. You can always pick up plain white ones and decorate them with Halloween stickers or whatever comes to mind!

4. Halloween Stickers

One of the perfect non-candy treats to give is stickers. Kids love decorating their notebooks and other things with fun stickers. Pick up some festive stickers to hand out on Halloween night.

5. Bottles of Water

Halloween Water Bottle Labels from Amazon

All that walking from door to door can really be a workout for the young kids. Help keep the kids hydrated by giving them some mini bottles of water. Decorate them with a festive Halloween label.

6. Play Dough

There is nothing  better than the classic play dough. You can hand out a mix of different colors or Halloween-themed colors only. The kids will love playing with play dough well beyond the festive day. Try these play dough canisters from Amazon!

7. Halloween Temporary Tattos

Halloween Temporary Tattoos from Amazon

Halloween-themed temporary tattoos are a fun candy-alternative to hand out to the kids. They are perfect for all ages too!

8. Bouncy Balls

Bouncy balls is a fun classic toy that can easily excite any trick-or-treater that comes to your door. You can give them Halloween-themed or normal bouncy balls. Check out the bouncy balls over at Amazon.

9. Halloween Erasers

Halloween Erasers from Amazon

Halloween-themed erasers are a great treat to give to the students. Most of these are very affordable. You can also getting 144 pieces of these Halloween erasers from Oriental Trading.

10. Warm Drinks

The nights are often cold during Halloween so hand out a delicious hot drink to the kids like warm apple cider or hot chocolate.

11. Halloween Game and Favor Books

Halloween Game and Favor Books from Amazon

These are fun Halloween game and favor books that the kids will spend a lot of time doing after Halloween. They are filled with fun games, coloring, and more!

12. Halloween Pencils

If you need a quick and simple treat to hand out to the kids then use Halloween Pencils. What kid doesn’t love a cool pencil like these ones from Amazon?

13. Rubber Duckies

Halloween Rubber Duckies from Oriental Trading

Kids will get a kick out of these Halloween-themed rubber duckies! Featuring an array of ghouls and goblins. There are plenty to give away at an affordable price.

14. Mini Jack-O-Lantern Slinkies

The perfect Halloween treat to give away to the trick-or-treaters that come to your door! These min-springs come with 48 total and a number of different colors, such as orange, purple, and green. Check them out at Amazon!

15. Vampire Teeth

Neon Vampire Teeth from Oriental Trading

These neon vampire teeth are going to give trick-or-treaters a new bite! Add these to your Halloween hand outs this spooky season for something fun and scary.

16. 6-Color Pumpkin Patch Halloween Crayons

Kids love coloring so surprise them with these different color assortment of Halloween-themed crayons get them at Oriental Trading. These are safe and non-toxic, so perfect for any age!

17.  Pumpkin Spiral Notepads

Pumpkin Spiral Notebooks from Oriental Trading

These notepads are awesome for a Halloween favor. You can hand them out as a candy-alternative treat.

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