Kick off Back to School with 10 Celebration ideas

The school bell is about to begin ringing once again. 

I don’t know how our Summers just seem to fly by so quickly.  I barely got into the groove of a Summer schedule of lazy mornings and late night fun.  Then I head to my local stores and what?  they already have Fall decor filling the shelves and of course all the Back to School sales are in full swing. 

I have always loved it when the kids headed back to school because of the traditions we had. There are so many fun back to school celebration ideas. My kids never stop telling me how much fun they have had each year  celebrating going back to school. 

Whether your kid is having their very first day of kindergarten or to their last year of high school, it’s a fun idea to mark the special occasion and enjoy the moment of starting a fun back to school annual celebration. 

Take a look at these fun back to school celebrations that can help ease the transition from Summer to the school classroom.

1. Serve a Special Breakfast

On the first day back to school, get up a little earlier and set the table with fancy plates and festive decorations to start your kids’ first day back to school off on a good note. You can cook their favorite breakfast foods too to make it even more special for them.

2. Read a Book

You can get your kids excited about returning to school with some fun books about the first day back to school. Here are some of my favorite first day of school books!

back to school signs

3. Take a First Day of School Photo

If you want to take some nice photos for your kid’s first day back to school, then I have got some fun Free Back to School First Day Signs (For All Grades!) for you! These free printable signs have a simple and sleek design I think you will love.

4. Make a Bucket List

Are there things your kids want to do this school year? Make a bucket list for the school year. Maybe your kids want to join a school club, have a snow day, or want to get a good grade on an assignment or class. Make sure you keep this list placed somewhere where you don’t forget it, such as your family command center or the fridge.

5. Back to School Time Capsule

A back to school time capsule is a fun idea to see all of the previous years of your child’s school year. You can include some of their artwork, back to school questionnaires, photos from the summer, or their first day to school. Make sure you take note of their height and shoe size. It’s fun to compare each yea!


6. Backpack-Stuffing Party

School supplies can be pretty expensive these days. It sometimes can put a strain on a family’s budget. If your family is well off, and you have friends that can help other families out, throw a backpack-stuffing party for the kids.

Guests can bring different items you have on the school supplies list. You’ll want to provide backpacks, either new or gently used, and set up an assembly line for the kids to fill their bags with. You can let the kids play and eat afterward.

If you want, you can deliver backpacks to local programs that help kids in need of school supplies. Be sure to call these organizations ahead of time to see if they need specific supplies for boys or girls.

7. Pack a Special Lunch

Send your kids off to school with a lunch full of their favorite foods. Bento boxes are a fun way to pack different options for them. You can even include a special note in their lunch from you!

8. Put on a Fashion Show

If you do some back to school cloth shopping for the school year, why not have a fashion show? It’s a fun way to get the kids excited about wearing their new outfits on their first day of school.

9. Help Them Make Friends with Conversation Starters 

Help your kids break the ice and get other children talking to them by shopping for a fun pencil case or stationary. Maybe their new fun pencil case is something other kids like and have in common. This is a fun way to help those first-day nerves back to school and get your kids to make some new friends.

10. Ask Your Kids for Ideas

Sometimes the best place to find some new traditions is to ask your kids for ideas. Ask them to brainstorm some ideas about traditions they would like to start for their first day of school or a fun back to school celebration idea before the first day of school.

What back to school traditions do you do with your kids?

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