DIY First Aid Kits for Home, College, on the Go.



When my last two boys were  College bound,  heading off to begin their first adulting life of living away from home   I decided to create a First Aid kit for each of them.   Each year  as they were headed back off to college I was informed of the need to replenish their kits as these were a very needed item.    So I got to thinking not only are these kits great for college bound students but make great First Aid kits for our homes, camping adventures, even in our cars and other recreational vehicles.     

What we moms know is that when our kids are in need of a band aide, spike a fever or even those allergies kick in we need supplies immediately.  So moms this is one way to keep all your supplies organized and ready to use. 

 I  created a list you can print off to use when  creating your own First Aid kit.

I was able to purchase many of the supplies at the Dollar Tree.  They offer smaller sizes that fit perfectly into these kits.

Click this link to get your FREE printable list of First Aid kits supplies.

I used fishing/craft tiered boxes that you can purchase on Amazon 




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