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Pregnancy is such a blessing and every moment should be enjoyed.  From the belly bump growth to the first fluttering of movement, baby womb hiccups to cradling your newborn.  Along the journey, hormonal fluctuations can also humble us.  Has your skin ever felt itchy, dry, with frequent breakouts and you can’t find a single skincare product that is good for you and safe for your baby, anywhere? Look no further, Le Nadúr has got your back, seriously.  Mum’s Cream is specially and specifically made for a pregnant women’s skin because it’s gentle yet unrelenting – soothing itchiness, dryness, inflammation, redness and scarring. 

Our skin is meant to protect us and we must in turn do our best to protect it. At Le Nadúr our mission is to make protecting your beautiful skin the easiest part of your day. 

We are uncompromising when it comes to quality, standards and requirements needed for any component to be accepted to our ingredient list, only the best get through, based on safety for mom plus baby, skin efficacy and function.  Maybe that’s because we’re also Moms who understand the need to make things simple and minimal or because we’re research scientists from large pharma with rationale and problem-solving brains.  Who knows and who cares, what you get behind our product are nurturing moms wanting only the best and ferocious, merciless hard-core science!  

The result is an all-natural and vegan cream with 21 thoughtfully selected ingredients. Mum’s cream provides a nutrient rich and holistic environment that feeds the skin what it needs to rebalance and heal itself. In our families we have 3 generations using our cream – ourselves, our parents and our children!  We hope our cream will be enjoyed and shared for generations in your family as well.  And get this – when you’ve used up your last smear of cream in your jar you can order a refillable pouch……. with zero plastic waste.  Customizable travel size pouches are also available, making travel lighter and simpler with that precious baby in tow.  It’s a win-win blessing, an eco-friendly solution to keeping your moisturizing cream on hand while your baby is in the other!  Plus 50% off spring sale going on now.

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WIN: 24/7 MOMS and Le Nadúr are giving away one jar of Mom’s Cream to 3 lucky mothers to be!

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Disclaimer: I have teamed up with Le Nadúr in support of this campaign. We received compensation for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own

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