50 Cheap Fun Things to Do During the Summer

When you think of summer, what do you think about?

My childhood summer memories are filled with walking on the barefoot on hot sand, late nights roasting marshmallows with friends around a bonfire, and spending hours of fun that now looking back really didn’t cost a thing!

There is truly endless amount of activities you can do during the summer. If you are feeling lazy, there is something for that. If you are looking for an adventure, there is something for that. The best part is all these summer activities won’t cost you a chunk of your bank account!

Take a look at 50 cheap fun things to do during the summer.

  1. Go canoeing.
  2. Go to the zoo.
  3. Take a road trip to the nearest beach or lake. Spend the day there.
  4. Go for a bike ride.
  5. Go fishing.
  6. Do a tour of your city or a nearby city.
  7. Visit the library.
  8. Go to the park.
  9. Go to a free musical festival.
  10. Pack a picnic and go to a park or in your backyard.
  11. Go for a day hike.
  12. Visit a free museum.
  13. Go stargazing on a warm and cloudless night.
  14. Throw a BBQ for family and friends.
  15. Watch the sunset.
  16. Set up a lemonade stand.
  17. Play in the sprinklers on a warm day.
  18. Clean up trash in the community.
  19. Go to the farmers market.
  20. Clean out your garage.
  21. Play minigolf.
  22. Visit family and friends that live nearby.
  23. Make a slip and slide in your backyard.
  24. Make fun frozen treats for the summer.
  25. Have a yard sale.
  26. Listen to a podcast.
  27. Go to the movies.
  28. Play flashlight tag.
  29. Make DIY gifts for family and friends.
  30. Make tie-dyed t-shirts.
  31. Go to a community pool.
  32. Play soccer.
  33. Plant a tree in the community or your backyard.
  34. Have a campout in your backyard.
  35. Make ice cream floats at home.
  36. Read a book.
  37. Go to a drive-in movie.
  38. Have a water balloon fight.
  39. Wash your car. Ge the kids involved!
  40. Go to a baseball game.
  41. Fly a kite.
  42. Go camping.
  43. Have a potluck BBQ with friends and family.
  44. Make your own ice cream at home.
  45. Have a game night.
  46. Learn to cook something new.
  47. Write with sidewalk chalk.
  48. Volunteer for a local person or organization.
  49. Have a dance party.
  50. Do a craft or art project.

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