St. Patricks Day Traps for the Little Leprechaun

LOOKING BACK – Here is a glimpse into the Novotny’s home one St. Patrick’s day 

“What are we celebrating tomorrow?” was the BIG question I asked my youngest child Nate earlier today. His answer “St. Patrick’s Day”. I then proceeded to ask him, “How do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?” He went on to tell me that “We have to set up traps for the Leprechauns who will come to our house tomorrow night and steal all of our chocolate.” (I am a chocoholic, which means we have plenty of it in our home to get stolen.) He continued on, “But, if we catch one then he has to grant us a wish”.

His response got me thinking about how we could celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year. Typically our family tradition is eating a meal of corned beef and cabbage along with green food items at the dinner table which I have decorated in green and filled little gold treasure boxes with treats.
This year my children have a birthday party to attend on St. Patrick’s day. Why cook another meal? Remember, I’m the “Cooking is NOT my thing” chef. So, Nate’s response to “What is tomorrow?” has given me an new idea.
I typed up post card sized notes for each of my children from the little Leprechaun, filled their gold boxes with some yummy treats, and as I head to bed tonight I will place them in their bedrooms. When they wake up in the morning they will see what the little Leprechaun has left them, and hopefully follow the instructions. This means the Mom (little Leprechaun) should be getting 5 gold boxes filled with chocolate by tomorrow night.

I think this is a great plan for both the kids and me – they get a yummy treat, and I get some of their hidden chocolate.

Off to deliver my Gold Boxes…


The results of my  St. Patrick’s Day plan were that the Mom not only received her gold boxes returned with chocolate in them, but Nate-no also became very creative creating traps to try and catch the Little Leprechaun when he returned his chocolate filled boxes which then caused the Little Leprechaun to drop his stuffed FROG-RECHAUN for the boys to take care of until he returns next year to retrieve him. I wonder what will happen this St. Patrick’s Day? Maybe a hat will be left behind…


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