8 Hacks You Can Do in 15 Minutes to Get Organized

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Getting organized without getting overwhelmed has always felt impossible for me when I was learning how to do this whole adult life thing.

There always felt like there was a lot of things that needed to get done. How was I going to get organized by feeling so overwhelmed with my long to do this?

Simply getting started was the trick!

I found out there were simple organizing hacks I could do that could help streamline my life into more simplicity. These hacks I discovered didn’t take longer than 15 minutes to do as well.

Check out these 8 organizing hacks you can do in 15 minutes!

1. Get all your recipes in one place

Try the Paprika app ($5.00 or more) to get all of your recipes into one place. It automatically syncs up between your digital devices, like your phone, tablet, and laptop. It even works offline too.

2. Add to your grocery list

You can get all of your family’s staples and save it to your phone in one place with the Coupons.com. This allows you to add products to your list and share it with everyone in the family.

3. Protect your passwords

Using the Dashlane app will allow you to store and manage passwords in a digital vault. You will never need to remember passwords again. Once you set up the app it will automatically populate itself with passwords that it finds within your browser. In the long run it will save you the trouble of having to manually import each one!

4. Clear your voicemail clutter

Leave only messages that you still need to return.

5. Reorganize your phone

Put apps into folders to get organized on your smartphone. This will help save you time from scrolling through dozens of screens. You will be able to quickly find the app you are looking for. Keep your favorite apps out on their own for easier access. Move your most-used ones to the lower corners.

6. Organize the leftovers in your refrigerator

Use erasable inks or labels on the containers you store your leftover food in. Don’t let them sit in the refrigerator for too long. If the leftovers tend to get lost within your fridge, relocate them onto one shelf together. Plan meals to use leftovers right away.

7. Make space within your closet

Clean out your closet by ordering a Clean Out Bag from ThredUP (thredup.com). Sell or donate like-new shoes, garments, accessories within your house. ThredUP will send you a prepaid shipping bag to put your clothing items in. Once you filled it up you can drop it off at the post office. The great thing about ThredUP is that the items they don’t use will be recycled or pass along.

8. Get a “too small” bin

Set up a “too small” bin in your children’s closets. Your children can toss in clothing items as you discover that they no longer fit. You can then weed through the bin once it’s full. You can either sell or donate.


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