10 Ways to Fool Your Kids on April Fool’s Day

If your children are practical jokers and love playing jokes on you, turn this April Fool’s Day into a family affair. From the minute they wake up until they go to bed at night. They will never know when the next joke is coming!

Celebrate this April Fool’s Day with some kid-friendly tricks that will have your kids giggling all day long!

1. Switch it up

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Switch your children when they are asleep the night before April Fool’s Day. Move them quietly into each other’s bed. When they wake up, take a photo of their surprised faces!

2. April Fool’s Milk & Cookies

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Surprise your children by turning their favorite cookies into a solid with powdered gelatin!

3. Healthy Prank

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Take all the chips out of the bag and replace them with veggies, such as replacing the Cheetos with carrots. Seal the bag back up with glue and ask your child if they want a snack.

4. Not Juice Anymore!

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Pour Jell-O mixture into small juice cups or cups. Place a straw in each of them. Let them sit in the fridge for about four hours and then serve them to your kids. Once they are done laughing they can have a special treat to enjoy!

5. Condiment Prank

Idea from All for the Boys

These condiment prank is great if you plan on serving a meal with condiments on April Fool’s Day!

6. Fake them out!

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Trick your little ones with these fun April Fool’s Day pranks that involve disguising food.

7. No TV Tonight

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Prank both the kids and even dad with this joke. Place a small piece of clear tape over the sensors on the TV and gaming console remotes!

8. Stack Against Them

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Sneak into your children’s playroom or bedroom and replace their Legos with candy blocks. You can purchase some right over here at Nuts.com.

9. Mix-up Breakfast

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Swap up your children’s breakfast with a bowl of yogurt with a canned peach on top disguised looking like an egg!

10. Toilet Paper Message

Idea from Today

Leave a funny message on the toilet paper. Unroll the toilet paper and write something that will have them laughing. Make sure to roll the paper back up and see who ends up with the message!

What are some fun kid-friendly pranks you play on your children on April Fool’s Day? Share below in the comments with us!

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