10 Fun Stay at Home Valentine’s Day Ideas

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My husband and I have spent many of our last Valentine’s Day dates at home. We decided to include our family into the celebration, which the kids have loved so much. Sometimes we got the chance to enjoy Valentine’s evenings with ourselves by staying at home and have a date night in.

There are many couples out there that decide to choose to spend their Valentines date at home. You might choose to avoid the crowds at the restaurants or save some money. As well, you might have not found someone available to keep an eye on the kids.

Certainly, there is no reason to not celebrate Valentine’s Day at home whether you are stuck inside because of watching the kids or trying to avoid the crowds. There is plenty fun stay at home date ideas. You can even include the kids too and make it a new family tradition.

Try one of these 10 fun stay at home Valentine’s Day ideas!

Make Dinner Together

Cooking together whether it’s just you two or the whole family can be a fun and romantic way to start off the night. If you want it just a date for you two then consider waiting until after the kids are in bed. You can also set up a movie or another quiet activity while you too enjoy a dinner together.

This is another great time to try something new. A new special recipe together can be fun. If you end up creating a disaster, don’t worry, the whole experience can be exciting and a memory for both of you to remember! You can always enjoy a simple meal with items in your pantry. Who says a sandwich isn’t romantic?

Game Night

If you love game nights, then this is the perfect activity for you. It’s great for either the both of you or with the kids. There are tons of different games out there you can play. Choose from the classics to your own favorites. You can even play video games too.

Relax Together

Enjoying a relaxing night in on Valentine’s Day can be fun is you decide to have your own at-home spa date night. You can light a few candles, give each other massages, and put on some fun masks together. A night of pampering can be really relaxing for the both of you.

Picnic at Home

If you are up for an adventure dinner date, set up a picnic on the floor. You can create a dinner menu of finger foods to eat. Lay a blanket on the floor for even more romantic setting. If you have a fireplace, consider having your picnic on the floor there.

Ask Each Other Questions

Even if you have been together for a year or a decade, there is something you can always learn about your partner. Open up a little by asking each other questions. Look up some questions online that are a little bit deeper. It’s a great time to get to know your partner even more.

Fondue Night

Enjoy a sweet and delicious night of fondue for dessert. White and dark chocolate are perfect for fruits and cookies. If that doesn’t seem to be enough for you then melt some cheese and dip in your favorite vegetables.

Make Out Your Dream Vacation

Staying at home doesn’t mean you cannot think about visiting far away places to visit. Perhaps you have talked about taking a dream vacation together, now is the night you two can plan it out together with printing off maps and photos. Maybe there is a dream vacation you and the whole family are planning to take, so get the kids involved too.

Breakfast in Bed

Wake up early and make a surprise breakfast in bed for your partner or the whole family. Surprise them with their favorite breakfast foods, such as waffles, crepes, or pancakes. It’s a fun and simple date idea everyone will love.

Watch a Movie Together

Choose to watch your favorite movie together. You can even just chill with a night of Netflix if you want too or grab one from a rental kiosk nearby. Make it even a better night by making dinner together or ordering take-out or delivery to enjoy during the movie.

Learn Something New

If there is something you have been wanting to learn together now is the night you can try it out. There are tons of tutorials online too. You can try some new crafts like knitting or be a bit artsy with watercolor painting.

What are some of your favorite date nights in you do during Valentine’s Day? Join the conversation below.

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