15 Fun Free Things to Do With Your Kids

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Let’s be honest, at some point we parents have resorted to searching online for fun and free things to do with kids when we cannot think of anymore activities to keep our kids entertained. Finding activities to do with our kids that they will actually enjoy doing can really be a challenge for us.

Thankfully we don’t have to empty our wallets for our kids to have a good time. There are plenty of free things to do with your kids inside your home or outside. Check out these super fun 15 free things to do with your kids!

1. Go to the playground

This was one of my favorite go to activities when my kids were younger. The kids never got bored of going to the playground. You can switch things up by trying out different playgrounds in your town or nearby towns too.

2. Try an indoor playground

Never let the bad weather stop you and the kids from having fun. Go to an indoor play area at the local mall or if you have an IKEA. There are also fast food restaurants that have play areas too. You might have to order some food first, but it’s a fun treat and outdoor trip for the kids!

3. Get artsy

There are endless arts and crafts out there, especially online. You can head to the store and get some art supplies or use random household items in your home. Toilet paper rolls can be used to make some fun and crafty projects.

4. Have a game night

Game nights can be full of fun and laughter. There are also tons of board games or card games you can play. Invite friends over too.

5. Sing your heart out

Gave a karaoke or lip sync battle night. Search for instrumental versions of songs online and pull up the lyrics from a website.

6. Go to a free in-store event

There are several retail stores out there that will host events for kids. Some of the stores you might find free events to bring your kids to are Barnes and Noble storytime, Michaels, Joann, The Home Depot and Lowe’s.

7. Visit a splash pad park

If it’s a hot day then you can visit a local splash pad to cool off. You can create your own version with sprinklers in your backyard too!

8. Have a movie night

Stay home and have your own move night. Pop some delicious popcorn and get your favorite snacks. Watch some of you and the kid’s favorite movies together.

9. Go skating

Several skating rinks out there participate with Kids Skate Free program where you can take your children to skate for free at select times. Some skating rinks may have you pay for the skate rentals if they don’t own their own.

10. Try a science project

There are tons of fun science projects you can find online to try at home. It’s a great way to have a learning opportunity with the kids.

11. Make a scrapbook

Pass the time with the kids by making scrapbooks together. You can reflect on shared moments together when looking at the photos.

12. Have a field day

Field days don’t only happen at school, you can create your own version at home with the kids. You can have potato sack races with pillowcases and tug of war with a jump rope.

13. Make a time capsule

Gather things together that are happening now, such as newspaper clippings and journal entries, and personalized items. Seal them away in a container and bury them somewhere. Dig them up a couple decades later.

14. Create your own talent show

Use a flashlight to create your own spotlight on the kids as they show off their talents during the talent show. Invite family, friends, and neighbors to watch or participate in the show.

15. Go outside

If there is a sunny day go spend some time outside with the kids. You can blow bubbles, draw sidewalk chalk, play tag, and so much more. There’s plenty of fun and free things to do right outside your home.

What are some fun free things you do with the kids? Join the conversation below in the comments!

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