10 Organization Hacks for Your Refrigerator

Have you ever put something away in the refrigerator, only to find it completely lost later? Our refrigerators are likely the Bermuda Triangle of our homes. Everything tends to get lost in there!

Since we spend so much time and money at the grocery store every week, it’s definitely worth taking a little bit of time to clear up space and organize it all. Keeping your refrigerator organized keeps you sane and helps you stop wasting food you cannot find or forgot about.

Check out these 10 organization hacks for your refrigerator to help you keep it chaos-free and know exactly what you need next time you go grocery shopping!

1. Label Everything

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The best way to keep everything organized is labeling it and having a designated spot for it all. You can always use masking tape for leftovers and relabel as often as you need.

2. Stack It Up

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Stacking up everything can let you have a bigger picture of what you have and if you are running low. I also love the lazy Susan on the top shelf for condiments. You can easily reach them and it lets you know you still have them instead of disappearing into the background.

3. Use Plastic Containers

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Using plastic containers can help separate the fruit and vegetables you have. You can see what you have on hand, so you know what you need to purchase next time you shop.

4. Add More Space

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Adding an extra drawer and shelf can give you more space, especially if you have a smaller fridge. You can stack a small plastic or wire shelf on top of one already built in.

5. Hang Bottles

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Install a metal wiring to hold bottles within your fridge. You can also install magnets to hold bottles in place at the top of your fridge.

6. Color Code It

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Organize your fridge by a color code. I love how colorful this organization is!

7. Use Binder Clips

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Attach binder clips when you don’t have enough surface space. Clip open bags of food to close and free up more space.

8. Use an Empty Egg Carton

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Get every last drop of your favorite condiments by placing them in an empty egg carton.

9. Use Suction Baskets

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When everything is packed, use suction baskets to keep the little things from getting lost.

10. Keep Track

Image from the seaside bohemian

Use a dry erase board to keep track of what’s in your fridge. You can keep track of what is expiring, leftovers, and purchases that need to be made on your next trip to the grocery store. Consider adding your meals of the week on there too.

What are some organization hacks you use to keep your fridge chaos-free? Share below in the comments with us!

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