How to Arrange Wall Art

We use wall art to set up the focal point of a room. It’s the most decorative and inventive way to do so, and it’s a little harder than it sounds. There are many ways to arrange wall art, but the central point of the space isn’t always at the literal center of the room. Every room has its own focal point—whether it’s the wall overlooking your bed or the largest wall in the living room. Focal points are set in stone, but you can always arrange another wall in your room to act as the focal point. Let’s take a look at how to strategize arranging wall art.

Arranging Wall Art

Whether you’re arranging a single large canvas or a dozen canvases, there’s endless inspiration for decorating your wall. Consider unifying the images with a theme or colour. If you’re after a classic and chic black and white look, pick out monochrome pieces to decorate the home. If vibrancy and bursts of colour are more to your taste, select a number of pieces that communicate this theme to one another.

Canvas Size

When choosing the right wall art for your focal point, you can’t overlook the canvas size. You have two choices at hand: first, a large canvas print, and second, smaller prints styled in a gallery/collage format.

Advanced Arrangement Tips

Once you’ve picked out the canvas wall art, the next step is to find its place in your home. Traditionally, the ideal location would be the first wall your eyes fall on when you first step into the room. The deal space doesn’t have to be the largest wall in the room, but the one whose emptiness catches your attention, say like the space above a fireplace.

Some of the space around the room you may not previously have considered acting as a focal point is the space above ledges and floating shelves. These spaces are perfect for photo prints and paintings, and ideal for small apartments and office spaces. You may not have considered the corner of the room to be an ideal place to show your wall art but believe us it is. It’s the perfect alternative and can easily fill up an empty corner and make it more lively, less static, and dull.

Enhancing your Space

Your new wall art should sync harmoniously with the rest of the room, from the furniture to the lighting, to effectively enhance the space. There is no set rule as to where to place your wall art, but it should essentially frame within the wall.

Metal grids have become popular of late for anyone looking to add a touch of contemporary industrial décor into their home or office. These metal grids fill up the wall without making everything look like a cluttered mess. For anyone looking to decorate their wall with the gallery style, we mentioned unifying the monochrome look or colours but consider mismatching the frames to enhance the space.

 Room Lighting

Your new canvas wall art will act as the central piece in the room not only because you’ve utilised the focal point but also, you’ve considered the lighting. Too much lighting can make the piece look cluttered and will eventually be an eyesore that you will soon regret. On the other hand, proper lighting will enhance your focal point and silently move your attention to this space.

If your focal point is positioned directly from some windows, all you need to do is pull back the curtain and utilise that natural light. If you require extra lighting, base the selection on the lighting from the room.

5 Ways to Creatively Arrange Wall Art

If you’re seeking a little more inspiration, here are an additional five creative ways to arrange your wall art.

  1. Arrange your wall art on floating shelves

For a great alternative way to feature wall art look to picture ledges and floating shelves. This unique method of showcasing your new piece will also add some texture to the wall. Floating shelves and picture ledges allow you to display two or more artworks without cluttering the space.

  1. Use a metal wall grid panel

Metal wall grid panels are the go-to decorative piece for anyone looking to give their room a contemporary industrial look. Easily clip your prints or paintings to the metal wall grid for seamless design, perfect for office spaces and small apartments. Metal wall grid panels come in a range of multi-functional sizes. Hang your unstretched wall art from them or even kitchen utensils.

  1. Display your wall art in a bookcase

Wait! Don’t throw away your old bookcase. In the spirit of sustainability, revamp those shelves by adding framed wall art to them. Bookcases give the wall definition and depth and act as fillers for a blank wall. Bookcases double up in functionality by maximizing storage space for apartments, as anyone living in an apartment knows that space is a luxury.

  1. Display on inside corner walls

Corer walls are the new focal points. Now hear us out. While the corner of any room isn’t the first place, you’d think to display your brand-new art, it should be considered if your room’s focal point is already occupied. It should also be considered the spot to house your artwork if you’re looking to shift the focal point of the room.

  1. Asymmetrical wall art arrangement

Asymmetrical layouts allow you to colour outside the box. Asymmetry works with canvas art in different sizes and arrangements. It gives the wall art another dynamic appeal that you never get tired of. You can use your existing décor to guide how you display your new art.

Disclaimer: I have teamed up with Canvas Art Factory in support of this campaign. We received compensation for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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