7 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Pray for the Nations

“My house will be called
    a house of prayer for all nations.”

Isaiah 56:7b

My children may never walk the streets of Albania, Bhutan or Yemen.  They may never personally  meet the Azeri, Dogon or even the Irula  people groups. But that doesn’t mean that my children can’t be part of changing these nations and people groups for God.

In the book Mission Minded Families, Ann Dunagan makes this statement, “God is all powerful: yet he has established a self-imposed requirement that human beings pray in order for His will on earth to be accomplished.”  I believe  that when we teach and give opportunity to  our children to pray for the nations they can fulfill God’s requirement just as strategically as our adult prayers. And because children have simple faith and that absolute trust in God their prayers might just even be more effective than ours.

It’s easier then you think to teach your children to pray for the nations and the people groups who live their. With these 7 ideas you can begin a new tradition in your home that will change your children’s hearts toward the nations.

1.  Hang a Map in your home

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You can allow your kids to choose and locate the countries that they want to  pray for on the map. This gives them a visual as to where in the world this country is as they pray for it and the people that live there.

You could even use map pins and place them on each country as you pray for it so that  your kids can visually see all of the various countries they have been praying for.

Or you could use this idea my friends Scott and Jamie use to train their young mission minded children by using a map they have hung on the wall in their home, a little, hand-drawn airplane. and the use of the Operation World book they are teaching their children to pray for the needs in various countries. Click here to read their full story.

2. Create a Prayer Pail

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With the use of a prayer pail you can allow your family to choose the various counties, people groups and needs you have written on the wooden sticks to pray for during your dinner meals.

Create your own prayer pail with the use a mug, pail or any other container of your choosing along with wooden sticks and sharpie markers. Then write on each stick the countries, people groups or other prayer needs, place back in your pail and get ready to teach your kids to pray for the nations each night over dinner.

Click here to read Passionate Homemaking story of how their family uses a prayer pail.

3. Use a World Globe and Operation World

Operation World is a The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation that gives facts about each country in the world and lists prayer requests for each one.

You can then use a globe of the world to find each country’s location.  Then read about that country in your Operation World book  where it tells you  about what type of government they have, what percentage of the population is Christian, and what life is like there. The book lists answers to prayer as well as requests.

You can also sign up for daily prayer emails through Operation World.

4.  Free Printables

kenyaTotally Tots has created a monthly free printable to use when teaching your preschool age children about praying for the nations.

They used the book Window on the World for most of the country studies. (See idea #6 for more information on this book )

Click here to get your free monthly printables

5. Use Books

window“You can Change The World” Vol. 1 and 2

In our home we use a book titled “You can Change The World”  it has since gone out of print but can often be found as a used book on Amazon or eBay.  It has since been replaced with

Window on the World: When We Pray God Works

Stunning photographic visuals complement this A-to-Z collection of countries and people groups providing an exciting learning experience and guide for prayer. Short stories about featured countries or people groups help relate foreign lands and people to children in the west. Each page includes a small map putting the country into perspective with neighboring countries, a fact box with essential country, and people information and prayer points that children can ask God for as well as thank God for.

This invaluable resource develops cultural, political, and geographical awareness through a Christian lens. Families, churches, and schools will all benefit from this book and in turn be able to pray more effectively for their world.

6.  Map Garland

map garland

Are your kids crafty?  They might enjoy creating a map garland adding a new country to their garland string each time they pray for it.  Also another idea is to create a garland of all   the missionaries you support and pray for, giving you a visual to use when praying for them.

Click here for how to instructions from Organize Your Stuff Now.

7.  Use Art


Kids love to color – you can use the ” Around the World Coloring Book”  it introduces kids  to 30 countries of the world. The coloring book contains Maps with names of major cities in Mexico, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, India, Spain, France, Nigeria, and 23 other nations also include ready-to-color pictures of each country’s national flag, landmarks, and natural resources.  Allow your kids to choose a different country each day or week that you focus on praying for as they color and learn about this country.

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