15 Questions to Ask Instead of “How Was Your Day?”

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Asking your child ‘how was your day at school?’ at the beginning of the school year might have them babbling away. However, after a time they might be giving you one-worded answers. There are many things to talk about how their day went at school. There are new friends, new projects, new classrooms, and even new teachers.

To keep in the loop of your child’s day at school, mix it up with these 15 questions to ask about their day.

  1. What is something that happened today that you wish could happen every day?
  2. Who would you like to play with at recess tomorrow?
  3. What are you excited to do tomorrow at school?
  4. What was the hardest thing about today?
  5. What did you eat first at lunch?
  6. What is the funniest thing that happened today?
  7. If I was to teach your class, what would you want me to teach?
  8. How did you help somebody today?
  9. What is one thing you learned today?
  10. What games did you play at recess?
  11. Who or what made you smile today?
  12. If one of your classmates could be the teacher for the day who would you want it to be? Why?
  13. When did you feel most proud of yourself today?
  14. Tell me something you learned about a friend today.
  15. What do you hope to do before school is out for the year?

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