Day 29 – Backyard Movie Night {100 Days of Summer Fun}


Day 29 – Backyard Movie Nights

Growing up as a Cali girl, I have a zillion memories of endless warm Summer nights where we would sleep in our backyards, play games under the street lights and drink as much pop as we could get away with.   Im not sure why we did  not have the brainstorm idea of movie nights in our backyards maybe we did not have the right technology and I’m positive our parents were not about to allow us to drag the  one family TV out to the backyard let alone we still needed to have al those cable connections using real wire.

Today with technology and the ability to access  a zillion family movies online you can host a fun family backyard movie night.  The best part is you can do this with just your family or invite the whole neighborhood. You can serve simple microwave popcorn or go crazy with all the fun creative ideas out there online.  What really matters is the fun memories you will create this Summer with your kids. 

Here are a few ideas we found: 

Poplolly Co.  create a fun Rustic backyard movie night experience with some fun ideas.

Click here to see all her how to’s 


Hostess with the Mostess has some cute FREE printabels to help you create a fun backyard movie night 

Click here for your FREE printables 


Love this Treat Wagon idea for serving up all those movie snacks in.

Check out this idea from Your Home Based Mom 



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