Traditional Greeting Cards for the Modern World

Getting cards in the mail is exciting. They are also fun to send. My biggest problem is I always have more to say than I could ever fit in that card! So no matter how I word my cards, I often have that dissatisfied feeling of wishing I could say more. Ever feel that way? Well, now you can say it all with Hello Video, the company combining traditional greeting cards with the modern world.

It’s very simple. Go to their website ( and choose the card you want. Ok, so far, just like every other greeting card company right? Hang tight. You can now add a personalized photo and message that will be printed in the card. Cool, cool, but nothing revolutionary there. Wait for it….. Now, record and upload a video. When your card arrives, all your recipient has to do is simply place their smartphone over the center of the card’s right interior panel and the video will play. *BOOM* Mind. Blown. How does it work? No idea. Witchcraft, probably.


The order process was also great. I was impressed with their easy and intuitive process. No multiple screens to work through, everything for my card was right on one page. It was pleasantly minimalistic and fast. I can’t wait for Grandma to get our “Thinking of You” card. She’s going to love to hear my sweet three-year-old’s sweet, high pitched voice. 

So if you’re ready to level-up your thoughtfulness, head over to Hello Video. They have cards for every major occasion, including “just because.” (That’s an occasion, right?) All cards are $9.99 which includes shipping and handling plus tax. So say goodbye stale mail and Hello Video!

Click here to visit the Hello Video website and order your first card!

Disclaimer: I have teamed up with Hello Video in support of this campaign. We received compensation for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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