Top 5 Benefits to Using Custom Teeth Whitening Trays & WIN: Premium Custom Teeth Whitening Trays from Sporting Smiles

Your smile is the first feature that people will notice about you. As a mom, you have your hands full already with taking your children to school and practice. When you aren’t making sure your kids arrive on time, you’re restocking the household with grocery shopping or finishing up your Zoom call for work. Throughout your whirlwind of a schedule, your smile is routinely shown off to everyone. What does yours say about you? If you’re looking to whiten your teeth with a premium and easy-to-use treatment in as a little as seven days, look no further.

Erase Years of Stains In A Matter Of Minutes

How do you refuel as a mom? Coffee, Tea, maybe some wine after the kids are in bed? Whatever you choose, the chemicals in those liquids will take a toll on your teeth over time and begin to discolor them. Custom Teeth Whitening Trays that are paired with a premier foaming gel can effectively erase these stains and transform dull and dingy teeth into a sparkling white smile for you to show off. Sporting Smiles pairs their custom teeth whitening trays with professional strength FDA 35% carbamide peroxide gel. When properly used, this teeth whitening treatment can erase years of teeth stains with a daily routine.

Custom Fitted For Full Coverage

Unlike whitening toothpaste, blue whitening lights, whitening strips, or generic whitening trays, custom trays are fitted for each individual. The plastic trays will snap onto your teeth because they were crafted just for you! When the foaming gel is activated by your saliva, it will begin to foam inside the trays and reach into the cracks and crevices of your teeth. This ensures that all of your teeth including the backs and in-between will receive a whitening treatment. Treatments like whitening strips, won’t even come close to the coverage that custom trays can provide.

Safer For Your Gums

Teeth whitening strips and brightening lights can damage or hurt sensitive gums. Custom teeth whitening trays are trimmed to encase only your teeth. With the trays being cut to your gumline, your gums will be protected during your teeth whitening treatments. Each individual has a different sensitivity and there are lesser-strength 22% carbamide peroxide gel for those who wish to use it as well as a remineralization gel to help build up your teeth enamel.

Easy Routine

The Mom life is all about getting into a groove for your schedule. Teeth whitening treatments can be tough to fit into your schedule, even when you have it planned. With the custom teeth whitening trays, you can plan your day without having to take time out for your treatments. These teeth whitening treatments only take 10 minutes to complete and are shower safe. You can whiten your teeth while you rinse off in the shower and go about your day with a bright white smile.

Clear Communication

Your kids won’t leave you alone, and that’s okay as a mother. You know that you’re their guiding light each day. Whether they need help with homework, a snack, or just have a question (or 100) you need to be able to communicate with them. With custom teeth whitening trays, you’ll still have the ability to speak and talk. If you wear a retainer, you’ll understand how it feels to speak with a custom dental device in your mouth. With your kids needing constant attention, it’s less than convenient to keep your mouth shut with other teeth whitening products like the whitening lights or strips that go sliding around your teeth if you open your mouth. Thanks to custom teeth whitening trays, you’ll still have the opportunity to communicate with your kids if you’re walking around the home while the treatment is in place.

Get the bright white smile you’ve always wanted with premium custom teeth whitening trays from Sporting Smiles. Unlike whitening strips, run-of-the-mill whitening trays, or LED whitening lights, custom trays will enclose your teeth perfectly for full coverage whitening treatments. The custom-fit trays are safer for your gums while fighting coffee, tea, wine, smoking, and yellow stains to turn your smile whiter in as a little as seven days.

The foaming whitening gel will reach the cracks and crevices of your smile for complete treatment not found in other teeth whitening products. These easy-to-use whitening treatments are convenient for first-time users who can erase years of teeth stains with daily 10-minute sessions with the custom trays. Over one million people have smiled with Sporting Smiles, are you next?

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Sporting Smiles is offering a free set of premium custom teeth whitening trays. This high-end whitening treatment will help fight wine, tea, coffee, and smoking stains to visible whitening your teeth in as a little seven days. The winner will receive a patented impression kit from Sporting Smiles where they will take impressions of their top and bottom teeth (video and written instructions will be provided). Once the impressions are approved, the winner will ship their impressions back to Sporting Smiles with free 3-Way shipping. The experts at Sporting Smiles will then craft top-quality custom teeth whitening trays for the winner and ship the whitening trays back with premier whitening gels.

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