10 Fun Family-Friendly Competition Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Easter egg hunts are a favorite tradition in my family. It is an exciting activity everyone looks forward to during the Easter celebration. If you are looking for something more exciting than the classic Easter egg hunt, you came to the right place!

There are tons of different Easter egg hunt ideas that spin-off the classical traditional egg hunt. From scavenger hunt, age appropriate ideas, swapping for non-candy fillers, you’ll find some new favorite ideas when it comes to your annual Easter egg hunt in your family.

Check out these 10 Fun Family-Friendly Competition Easter Egg Hunt Ideas!

Find Your Name Easter Egg Hunt from Adventures and Play

Task kids to find the eggs that have letter to their name. The first kid to spell out their name wins the egg hunt.

Indoor Easter Egg Treasure Hunt from Play Party Plan

A fun game to play when outside is an icky day on Easter. Leave clues around your house that will lead the kids to the big treasure!

Easter Ideas 016
Color Matching Easter Egg Hun from Sew Many Ways

Assign each kid a color and have them find and collect the egg of their designated color. This game is perfect for younger kids.

Easter Egg Tag Hunt from Get Your Holiday On

One family member will wear the egg hunt goodies on a shirt. The rest of the family will chase the designated egg hunt goodies and see who can snatch them the fastest.

Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs
Nighttime Easter Egg Hunt from Lil’ Luna

Plant glowing eggs around your backyard during the night. Enjoy a nighttime of egg hunting. The older kids will love this idea!

Hide a Golden Egg
Hide a Golden Egg from Passion for Savings

Hide one or a couple golden eggs. Make sure these eggs are extra difficult to find. You can hide extra rewards in them too.

Easter Egg Privilege Cards from Over the Big Moon

Skip the candy and put in “privilege cards” into each of the eggs. The kids can use them to redeem something sweet or fun to do.

Easter Coupons from Growing Up Gabel

Another way to skip the candy in an egg hunt is making your own customized coupons. 

Get Active Easter Egg Hunt from Alice and Lois

A fun interactive Easter egg hunt filled with all sort of fun activities. Sing, make animal noises and actions, and snack away!

Toddler Easter Egg Hunt from Celebrations at Home

Make Easter egg fun for your toddlers by attaching balloons to the eggs so they can find them easily.

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