When is it Time to Delegate Chores to the Kids

Several years ago  while on a mother-daughter trip with my oldest daughter, she nicely informed me it was time that the two youngest members of our family take on a few more family chores. Her reasoning was that they were getting older and were very capable of doing more if we would teach them. I got to thinking about her suggestion and I realized I had not been teaching them as I had the older three. She was right – it was time to teach the next two in line.

Now that this realization had come about, it was time.   I needed to start delegating more of the chores around the house. That’s right delegate to my children, they were  capable of helping out and taking on some of the family and home responsibilities.

What about you Mama?   Is it time to begin  delegating some of those family responsibilities to your children?   

So the BIG question – Just how do we not only delegate but actually get our kids to step in and take on some of the daily chores: 

Tell it – Be pro-active do not just hand over a list and expect everyone to jump in and begin helping. Have a family meeting and talk about how you are a family and each member needs to participate in the family and home responsibilities.

Let it go- Do not criticize or expect them to do it perfect. Let go of doing it your way and micromanaging every chore in your home.

Divide it – Create a list of all the chores your children can help you with and divide them up. Be sure to rotate them each week or month.

Show it – Take the time to model and teach your children how to do each chore. Telling them to do it without a lesson may result in a chore not getting done the way the mom had hoped for.

Schedule it – Decide when the best time to do chores is and when each assigned chore needs to be accomplished allow your children to have input on this so they feel a sense of commitment to the schedule.

Praise it- When your children accomplish their chores give them praise, let them know they have done a good job and you are thankful for their help.

Yes, it takes a little time, effort and patience.  In the end it is worth it. 

Need some ideas of what chores/responsibilities your kids are capable of doing for their age?  Click here For a list of age appropriate chores. 





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