WIN: Winning Moves Game Bundle ~ 25 Days of Christmas

Winning Moves USA is a leading maker of board games, card games, and puzzles. Since WMUSA’s first year of operation in 1995, the company has forged a close relationship with one of the world’s largest game companies, Hasbro, Inc., owner of Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley.  WMUSA also has a great relationship with Seven Towns, Ltd.

Scrabble® Slam

Scrabble Slam is the best-selling, fast-paced and easy to play card game version of Scrabble. Start with any 4-letter word on the table like “CAKE” and yell our “Ready, Set, Slam!” and the race is on. Quickly change the existing word, 1 letter card at a time, to create a new word like “BAKE” then change it to “BIKE” and so on. The first player to play out all their cards wins! Contains: Deck of 55 Letter Cards and Illustrated Instructions.Ages: 8+; Players: 2 to 4; SRP: $5.95. Click here to find Scrabble Slam.

Tile Up™

Tile Up is a fiendishly clever strategy game. Players try to score points by creating shapes out of their tiles that match goal cards. Easy enough, right? Not so fast! You can only place tiles on top of other tiles if the two tiles are different colors and the tile on top has a lower number than the tiles it is covering. The player with the most points at the end of the game, when the four corners of the gameboard have been covered with tiles, wins! Contains: Gameboard, Deck of 27 Goal Cards, 4 Cardboard Player Screens, 114 Stackable Plastic Number Tiles, Drawstring Cloth Tile Bag, and Illustrated instructions. Ages: 8+; Players: 2 to 4; SRP: $16.95. Click here to find Tile Up.

Large Print Tile Lock Scrabble®

Your Scrabble words won’t be slip-slidin’ away thanks to this boards clever “tile-lock” design. Every word counts when you are playing this specially designed large print version of the world’s leading word game. The integrated turntable function makes rotating and moving the board simple, and that large print board, tiles, and rules booklet are clear and easy to read. Contains: Large Print Tile Lock Playing Board with Turntable Function, 4 Large Plastic Tile Racks, 100 Large Print Plastic Letter Tiles, Cloth Tile Bag, and Large Print Rules Booklet. Ages: 8+; Players: 2 to 4; SRP: $44.95. Click here to find Large Print Tile Lock Scrabble.

Rubik’s® Christmas Tree

The Rubik’s Christmas Tree is a festive twisty puzzle and an ideal stocking stuffer. Featuring a string and molded plastic loop on the top of the tree, turning this fully functional puzzle into the perfect ornament, making it the perfect decoration for your Christmas tree! Contains: 1 Rubik’s Christmas Tree puzzle. Ages: 6+; Players: 1; SRP: $7.95. Click here to find Rubik’s Christmas Tree.

No Stress Chess

Use an innovative deck of action cards to start playing the world’s greatest game instantly! Unlike any other Chess teacher, No Stress Chess teaches you how to play using illustrated cards and an illustrated 2-sided board. Just flip the board to play regular chess. Contains: 2-sided chess board, set of 32 chess pieces (ivory & black), 56 action cards, card tray and instructions. Ages: 7+; Players: 2; SRP: $17.95. Click here to find No Stress Chess.

Pass The Pigs 

The classic party game for over 35 years. Try your luck using pigs as dice! A hilarious game where you roll pig-dice into hysterical positions, Just don’t “Pig out” and lose all your points. Non-stop Pig-Tastic Fun! Contains: Plastic “Pig Sty” dice cup with lid, 2 pig dice, 1 pencil, pigs scoring guide, score pad, and illustrated instructions. Ages: 7+; Players: 2 or more; SRP: $12.50. Click here to find Pass The Pigs.

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Disclaimer: I have teamed up with Winning Moves in support of this campaign. We received compensation for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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