Organizing your Family with Color

As a mother of five, there was a moment when I realized my life had been taken over by my adorable little people – their schedules, towels, dirty plates, tooth brushes and piles of toys scattered around the house. With the disarray and chaos in our house, it was a time that called for “Super Mom” to the rescue! After some thought, I realized the solution was simple: assign each family member a color to help keep track of their belongings and schedules. If your house is anything like mine, check out these four, easy steps will help make your life more organized, too!

Step # 1  Decide on a color for each family member- either assign them or allow them to choose.  Make sure the color they choose will be easy to find items in such as towels, tooth brushes, dishes etc.

Step #2  – Obtain a permanent colored marker in each persons chosen color and a package of white stickers.

Step #3  – Decide what areas of your home and life you want color-coded to help organize your family.

Here is a list of ideas:

Schedules:  Use each persons designated colored pen to write in their daily activities, events and appointments. Now everyone can quickly look at the calendar for their color and know where they need to be each day.

Files: Assign each family member a colored folder or place a white sticker on it colored in with their assigned color.  Use these folders to hold important papers such as notes from school, copies of birth certificates, health records etc.

Chores: Give each child a colored clipboard either purchased or painted in each persons color. Place their chore chart on the clipboard for easy hanging up and keeping track of chores.

Kitchen: Purchase one set of plastic dishes in each Child’s color to assist them in being responsible for their own dishes.  No more wondering who left their dish out.

Bathroom: Color code the bath room by purchasing toothbrushes, bath towels, wash cloths, plastic cup, robes and even bins for personal items to be kept in such as brush, deodorant chap stick etc.

Use stickers that you color on for the items you cannot buy in specific colors such as tooth paste, dental floss etc.

Paint and hang hooks on the wall giving each person a place to hang their bath towel.

Bedrooms: Purchase Bins, boxes, sheets, and blankets in designated colors to help your kids keep track of their things and their bedrooms organized.

Laundry: Colored laundry baskets and hangers assist each family member in knowing when they have clothes needing to be put away.

Personal Items: Back packs, lunch boxes, journals, bike helmets, gloves, rain boots scarves, pencils, scissors, flip flops, beach towels all can be purchased in each child’s designated colors.  For items that can not be purchased in specific colors use a sticker on them that you have colored with the owners chosen color

Traveling: Purchase designated colored suitcases or duffel bags to use when traveling so each person can easily keep track of their belongings.  You could also use colored ribbon tied on each person bags.  Use stickers to identify each person toiletries and other personal belongings while traveling.

Step #4 – Enjoy a colorful chaos free home – at least  a little less chaotic.

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