How to Help Your Child Get Organized

Every parent knows that one of the hardest parts of the job – and it is a job – is keeping our kids organized. Toys are often strewn around the floor like a tornado just hit. Clothes disappear and reappear like spirits in a Harry Potter movie. And everything from backpacks to books to tablets have a tendency to run away. In the face of this unrelenting chaos, it’s almost impossible to keep our kids’ stuff organized. And while there are a number of apps (not to mention hundreds of “helpful” books) dedicated to bringing order to chaos, sometimes the simple solution is actually the best approach.

Let’s start with clothes. Every parent knows what it’s like to look at a mountain of shirts, socks, pants, and jackets and wonder how to organize them. And if there are multiple children in the home, the problem is exacerbated because it’s often difficult to remember who owns every single piece of apparel. This is where iron-on labels can make a huge difference for parents who don’t want to spend hours and hours playing amateur detective trying to figure out who the Paw Patrol shirt belongs to. Labels are nothing new, of course, but traditional labels tend to be, well, boring. What if there was a way to take the concept of labels and make them interesting and exciting so the kids would actually pay attention to them? In fact, parents now have the option to design creative, colorful, fun labels that can be ironed directly onto clothes. Not only do they look great, but they take a lot of the guesswork out of figuring out which items of clothing go where.

Even if you don’t want to iron labels onto your kids’ clothes, the same approach can be used with stick-on labels. It’s pretty much an identical concept: parents can upload images that their kids will like and easily design custom stickers that can survive multiple trips through the washing machine and dryer. This is perfect for family vacations, where the usual organizational systems (like shelves and closets) don’t exist.

Another great parenting hack is the use of book labels. Again, identifying books by writing a kid’s name on the inside cover is not a new concept. What is new is the fact that parents can now print up engaging and interesting stickers that not only have their child’s name on them, but also fun images that cause kids to pay attention. This is especially useful for younger kids who might not know how to read or write their own names yet. If you’ve ever tried to sort books to figure out which ones belong to you, which ones belong to your kids’ friends, and which ones need to go back to the local library, you will appreciate this approach. And the good news is that parents no longer need to order hundreds of labels to get started. Modern printing techniques based on digital technology have eliminated the need for minimum orders, so it’s easier than ever to get customers labels that will resonate with children of all ages. And vinyl stickers have the added advantage of being removable.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, parents are facing unprecedented challenges, including educating their kids at home and not having access to regular daycare or babysitting services. It’s a new world for all of us, and many parents are struggling with the “new normal” – which is anything but normal! One of the many challenges that we face is getting our kids to wear masks. Most off-the-shelf masks are not especially inspiring, and it’s no surprise the kids take them off whenever they can. However, by applying iron-on decals and other labels, families can create customized mask art with StickerYou and transform boring, functional face coverings into fun personal statements. This is especially important for kids who are required to wear masks on the school bus, in class, or while playing sports.

Kids by nature are chaotic creatures, and even the world’s most perfect parent can’t prevent the inherent chaos that comes with having children. But by taking creative steps to eliminate some of the common hassles of keeping organized, all of us can make our day-to-day lives a little bit less stressful. And during these difficult times, that is more important than ever.

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