Fun Virtual Theme Party Ideas to Throw Online

Some of us are missing out on special celebrations or just missing our family and friends during the current pandemic.

While we are still practicing social distancing during the pandemic we might be missing out on these special small, yet meaningful moments together.

If you didn’t know already by now you can still celebrate those special moments with your family and friends by throwing a virtual party online. You can even throw a fun virtual party just to get together and have some fun.

Check out these Fun Virtual Theme Party Ideas to Throw Online!

Gaming Party

This virtual theme party is for those who love to play games, especially with family and friends!

Jackbox Games: Is filled with fun and crazy party games everyone will love. You use your phones or tablets as controllers and play with up to 10 players.

Roblox: This online virtual universe lets you play, create, and be anything you can imagine. You can enjoy a wide variety of games created by a global community. There are obstacle-based games everyone will love.

Online Jeopardy: Another fun game to play with friends and family.

Board or Card Games: Play a board or card game online with your family and friends. Search for your favorite game online you all love to play but this time do it virtual-style.

Movie Night

Pick a movie and watch it all together. You can use an app or website that allows you to stream a movie in sync. We love to use Netflix Party! Vemos also works great with YouTube, Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video.

Karaoke Party

Whether you have a talent for singing or not, a karaoke party is always fun! Pick a few songs with lyrics on YouTube that you can sing together or find a karaoke game that you can play online.

Dance Party

A virtual dance party is another great idea everyone will love. Pick your favorite songs or prepare a playlist of songs on Spotify.

Beauty Party

You might not be able to go to the spa together, but you can have your own spa party online with friends and family. Use facemasks, exfoliate your feet, and paint your nails. Whatever you consider relaxing and love doing together with your family and friends is going to be great.

Book Club Party

Are you a book worm? Then host a book club online by picking a book and schedule a date to have the book finished by or sections of the book then discuss your favorite parts about it. Make sure you fast readers don’t spoil anything!

You can also discuss podcast, series, or movies you have recently seen or listened to too!

Craft Party

Pick a fun craft and try it with your family and friends. You can craft for fun and enjoy conversations as you create and get artsy together.

Trivia Night Party

Host a virtual trivia night for your friends and family. You can find a trivia game online that you can play together or if a local place is offering an online trivia night. These are always fun and who knows you just might discover one of your friends or family members is a knowledge guru.

Workshop Night Party

Do you have a passion or knowledge of something you’d love to teach your family and friends about? Then host a workshop night party by asking them to join for a night of educational fun. Maybe you can make it a fun night where more than one person shares their own topic.

Bake Off Party

Pick a dessert recipe and let everyone bake together while you all video chat. You can even host a competition and pick judges to rate the desserts or compare pictures of the end results on social media and let the most likes be the winner.

Baby Shower Party

If you can’t throw an in-person baby shower, then you can throw your own virtual baby shower online! Send out invites like you normally would but with the information to join your chosen online platform. Give guests enough time to send their gifts to the expecting mother – usually, three weeks is a good amount of time. You can even send the game print outs to guests too, such as Guess the Baby, Baby Price Is Right, and more!

Birthday Party

Invite everyone to celebrate your birthday or your kid’s birthday online if there is no option available to meet in-person. Make sure there is a birthday cake or treat that the special birthday person can blow out the candles. You can also send out invites and give guests the options to mail birthday gifts to the special birthday person well in advance just like for the baby shower party.

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