5 Ways You Can Accomplish More

Ways You Accomplish More

As a mom, there is always something or someone that needs our time and attention. I’m sure you have felt the same in your own mom life as the days quickly go. Then you’re asking yourself where did the whole day ago?

From getting the kids ready for school and out the door to getting the household chores done and so much more, dinnertime quickly approaches. There is a lot for us moms to do, and sometimes we get lost and start to lose the joy in our day to day life.

Don’t worry though, you can actually find more time in your day and accomplish more easily with a few simple tricks. Here’s how you can accomplish more by tackling your to-do list, enjoying your days again, and still getting family time in together once a week!

1. Get Organized & Plan Ahead

The best way that ever helped me get my family life organized was using a planner. I purchased a planner that had monthly, weekly, to-do lists, and goals for the week. 

Whenever I needed to get my to-do list or accomplish certain goals for the week I had to prioritize which ones were more important by setting realistic goals. The best way I was able to complete my to-do list and accomplish my goals was when I had the most energy. The morning time was the best time for me to do this since by the afternoon I was ready to relax or had something else on my agenda for the day.

2. Use the 20-Minute Rule

Sometime in your day, you might find an extra 20 minutes. Use the 20-minute rule where you set the timer for 20 minutes and use those minutes to get as much done off your to-do list as you possibly can. When the timer goes off then STOP! Set the timer for another 20 minutes and do something you enjoy. Then you can alternative 20-minute intervals until the break in your day is over, such as when you need to go pick the kids up from school or take them to their activity.

The 20-minute rule helps you be more purposeful with your time and helps you get more things done!

3. Learn to Delegate

Delegating tasks to others is definitely hard for us moms to do! We are the keepers of the house and we are used to being in control of many things. However, sometimes being the entire keeper of the house and having control of it all can be really mentally draining for us.

It’s important we learn to let it go and start delegating tasks to other members of our family. You can delegate tasks to your children and partner. It’s a great way for your children to learn how to do some of the household chores. You can break them into simple tasks and even reward them for doing them!

4. Make Extra Meals

Making extra meals for your family is an easy place to start to accomplish more in your mom life. Plan meals and make your shopping list a week at a time. You can double the meals you make that week for the family and then freeze the extras for later family meals. 

5. Don’t Forget About Family Time

One of the most important things I always keep on my calendar is scheduling family time each week. This helps us focus on what is most important in our family: spending time together and building relationships with each other.

Each week we try to schedule a time that is devoted to our entire family. If you want to make it easier, pick a day of the week that works for everyone. Doing it during the same time during the week helps you plan other activities around it so there are no excuses for skipping out on family time.

When my family has family time we do activities everyone can enjoy. From playing games to move night to going out on a family walk. There are many different activities you can all do together as a family. Brainstorm some activities together so you can to get an idea of what you can all do during family time.

How do you accomplish more in your mom life?

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